Kalamazoo, MI — Mothers all over Kalamazoo are exclaiming in approval over Newmind’s recent naming to Nine Lives Media’s 7th annual MSPmentor Top 501 at #214, a list identifying the world’s top 501 managed service providers (MSPs), leading one mother to exclaim,
“Those sweet boys deserve a top 10 rank. They were so nice and patient with me as we worked through copying and pasting in that Googley thing.”

“Our focus has always been on customer satisfaction and have seen very positive results with a 97% client retention rate over the last 7 years,” said Matthew Vollmar, Newmind CEO. “Not only did we see 100% growth over the last year, but more importantly we’ve measured higher customer happiness which leads to longer and deeper relationships. And who do we need deeper relationships with more than our mothers? (Love you mom!)”

The MSPmentor 501 report is based on data from MSPmentor’s global online survey, conducted October-December 2013. The MSPmentor 501 report recognizes top managed service providers based on a range of metrics, including annual managed services revenue growth, revenue per employee, managed services offered and customer devices managed. Newmind is considering sponsoring the addition of Mother Satisfaction Surveys to next year’s awards to bolster awareness of this important metric.

Julie Milowe, mother of Newminder Nicolas Yarosz & Senior HR Advisor for the City of Kalamazoo, had this to say about the accolade, “Good job Nicolas! I knew you could do it! This was all you, right?”

“It was a team effort, Mom,” retorted Nicolas. “Can I invite everyone over for a sleepover tonight? We’re going to watch ‘Are you afraid of the dark?’ and eat pizza and popcorn.”

“Sure, honey,” replied Julie. “Just remember that you’re not allowed to eat pizza on the couch.”

“This company must have some great employees to reach such awesome goals,” adds Judy, Newminder Ryan Russey’s mother-in-law and energy education specialist at Goshen Community Schools in Indiana.

It’s not just Newmind mothers who are jumping for joy. It seems Newmind’s recent efforts has affected mothers all over the area.

“The world is finally learning what we’ve all already known,” said Sandy, mother, volunteer coordinator and facility rental coordinator at the Kalamazoo Institute of Arts, about the services Newmind Group offers.

“Just like we tell patients to brush at least twice a day, Newmind has shown us the importance of incremental backups and without their motherly support I don’t know what we would do”, said Kellie Simmons.

And Deanna, an accountant with Treystar, a real estate company in Kalamazoo had this to add, “I love spending time with my kids and now that Newmind is at the helm of our hardware & data management, I can get home for some quality story time.”