This is our first article in our “Meet Newmind” series. Stay tuned for future blogs and continue to get to know our team.


Chocolate-Peanut Butter shake from the Alamo Drafthouse in Kalamazoo, MI. That’s this Newminder’s flavor of the month. I had to test it out for myself, you know, to see if his claims were justified.

Meet Newmind: Steve Chang

They are.

Meet Steve Chang – a husband, father, coffee drinker in morning and Jasmine tea drinker by night.

Steve was born in Grand Rapids, MI to two Chinese immigrants. He and his brother grew up in a small town called Riverview, a town he eventually moved away from to attend college in Kalamazoo for Computer Information Systems. It was at Western Michigan University that he met his wife, Laura, who at the time was studying Education and currently works as an elementary teacher.

Meet Newmind: Steve Chang

At Newmind Group, Steve is an account manager and consultant for about 10 clients. Working both remotely and on-site, he deals with all sorts of IT issues involving mobile phones, network security, the “My computer won’t start” claims, and more. In line with Newmind values, he not only fixes temporary issues (because we try to keep stuff from breaking), but continues to work with clients on a long-term basis to create a more efficient workflow.

“Truly Newmind is there for the long-haul,” he said.

Steve prides himself in his work and looks at it as a personal extension of himself. Starting at Newmind in 2009 – but being in the industry since 1996 – he has since enjoyed how everyone is so willing to help one another out – a very “family-style group of people,” he said. He appreciates how Newmind’s environment encourages you to try new things and, because it’s not such a high-strung atmosphere, he also thinks it increases productivity.

If he’s not working, then Steve is probably doing what is most important to him – spending time with his family and friends. After marrying Laura in 2002, they had two kids: Cassie, 9, and Drew, 4. You might find them playing with Legos or talking about Marvel superheroes.

Meet Newmind: Steve Chang

Another thing Steve values is helping out the community by making it a safer place to live for those he cares about. This explains why he started volunteering in 2003 as a Sergeant of Training for the Kalamazoo County Sheriff’s Office Reserve Division. Basically, he assists the Sheriff with any needs that might come up within the County.

With all that said, naturally I then had to ask, “Steve, were you a bad kid growing up?”

His response? “Depends on who you ask.” Despite the fact that he once drove the family vehicle when he was 13 without his parents’ permission, he still actively completed his homework and received good grades. Overall though, just a good kid with a touch of rebel like a typical teenager.

Something he now enjoys driving – legally – in his free time is his Honda motorcycle. In addition to being a motorcycle and car enthusiast, other hobbies include dabbling in videography, making ammo, and being a firearms instructor.

Meet Newmind: Steve Chang

In regards to Kalamazoo?

“It’s a nice, quiet town full of culture. It’s just enough ‘big city’ but it’s a lot more comfortable as a small town. Not as busy as a big city but still gives you the ‘My neighbor knows your neighbor’ type thing.”

Other than those delicious shakes at the Alamo Drafthouse, some other “city picks” of his include the Mango Curry Chicken salad on Sourdough bread from Irving’s Market and Deli and that one-of-a-kind rice pudding from Saffron. Again, I’ve also tried these, and this guy isn’t kidding!

Meet Newmind: Steve Chang

Steve Chang Fast Facts:

Beer of choice?

Founders Breakfast Stout

Fav food?

Authentic Chinese Dim Sum, basically a Cantonese-style version of American brunch. It’s sweet and salty and involves a little bit of breakfast.


Walking Dead, 24, a bunch of random movies on HBO and the Clone Wars because the kids like it

Listening to?

This is going to be interesting.” Yep, 80’s hair band rock. He listed off Journey, Foreigner, Poison, Quiet Riot and Guns ‘N Roses. Others not falling into that category include Eminem, Macklemore and Big Smo.


Always know the outcome before beginning any task and adapt if things change along the way without regretting any decision.

If you could only take 3 things on an island?

Wife, kids, and a big knife.

If you could be a superhero?

Green Lantern. “I like to think I’m very knowledgeable and creative when it comes to resolving problems and I’m always willing to help,” he said.

There you have it, folks! Newmind’s one and only Steve Chang – certainly a pleasure to have around the office as well as the town.

Keep your eyes open next month to see who we’ll introduce you to next! Until then, go grab yourself a shake.