The time is here! Still wrapping up plans for your Memorial Day Weekend? Maybe you’re finalizing the grocery list for your road trip or keep talking about the loads of laundry that need to be done…Those are things on my to-do list at least. Either way, whether you’ll be putting some miles on your tires or staying in the vicinity of your zip code all weekend, here are some mobile apps to enhance your vacation experience.

Park your tent…or RV

So maybe you’re driving along. It has been 7 hours so far and the kids in the back won’t stop fighting over whose Transformers toy is whose. You’re exhausted and don’t feel like making it an all-nighter. With Woodall’s Camping & Copilot for your iOs devices, you can search over 12,000 RV parks and campgrounds for a place to rest your head, provided you have a tent or are driving an RV of course. If you have an Android 2.1 or up, you can use a similar app called Camp Finder which, unlike the free Woodall’s app, is $2.99.

Must-have Apps for your Memorial Day weekend

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A hike a day keeps the…

…holiday weight gain at bay?? AllTrails is an awesome app for all of those outdoorsies who need to get out once in a while to see the trees and breathe some fresh air. Or maybe an in-law is driving you nuts and you’re desperately in need of some ‘you time.’ Available for both Android and iOs devices, with this app you can search over 50,000 trails and read reviews that might give you a ‘yay’ or ‘nay.’ Even more, you can browse trails according to whether they’re dog-friendly, involve a waterfall or cave, great for mountain biking, and more. Out in the woods without Wi-Fi? Just download a map before you leave so you can access it later when you’re off adventuring.

Must-have Apps for your Memorial Day weekend

Hotdogs again??

I once went on a camping trip where, out of convenience, our most common meal-of-choice was hot dogs. Definitely not that great to have over and over again. Learn from my mistakes and prep with some Camp Recipes! from iTunes or Campfire Recipes for your Android. You can even use the Android app offline!

Must-have Apps for your Memorial Day weekend

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Maybe the rain doused your fire or you mistakenly left out the bacon and it fell prey to the local racoons. GrubHub to the rescue! With this free Apple and Android app, you can search for restaurants in your area and have food delivered or ready for pick-up. Pizza? Sushi? You’ll be able to browse for whatever kind of food you’re in the mood for! GrubHub also has a tracking feature so you’ll be able to check your order status when you stomach grumbles at you.

Have a hoppy weekend

Holiday weekends can usually be made a little more enjoyable with some hops-infused beverages. For all those who will be celebrating in Michigan, I found a cool Apple app that contains a database of Michigan Microbreweries which includes directions, beer lists, reviews, etc. Michigan is the fifth best craft brew state in the U.S. according to USA Today. Get to know your hops!

Must-have Apps for your Memorial Day weekend

To get a little more specific, are you a fan of beer from Founders Brewing Company out of Grand Rapids but you’re not in Grand Rapids? Well, with their app for both iOs and Android devices, you can locate their beer from any bar, restaurant, or store! There’s even a beer lineup feature so you can stay up to date on their special releases.

Some sand for your Saturday?

It might not be warm enough to swim but if you and your loved ones are still looking to hang out next to Michigan’s beautiful Great Lakes, make sure to get the MyBeachCast app for your Android! View real-time information on advisories, weather conditions, and more! If you’re not in Michigan, you can find other local beaches with this tool as well.

For your furry friends

Is Fido coming with you on your vacation? Awesome! If you’re far away from your trusted vet, you can be extra prepared for emergency situations with the Pet First Aid app from American Red Cross. Find out what his symptoms could mean and read or watch step by step tutorials on how to treat him. You can also search for pet-friendly hotels, nearby vets, and more! It’s not only available for your iOs and Android devices but for your Kindle Fire too! As a dog owner myself, I think this app is definitely worth the 99 cents!


Let’s not forget the meaning of Memorial Day. Take some time to reflect on past and current servicemen and women. If you know any personally, you can take an extra step and send them a greeting card with this Android app.

Regardless of what you have planned, I hope you all have a fabulous Memorial Day Weekend!


Are there any other apps you find especially useful for your vacations?