One of Newmind’s Core Values is to Rest & Reflect. Working too much can cause anyone to burn out. Taking vacations and spending time with family, friends, nature, your couch, etc. is encouraged! Even on workdays, taking a couple minutes to clear your head every now and again actually helps your workflow. So, in light of Memorial Day Weekend, how have Newminders been resting and reflecting, you ask?

Lance and Ben – similar to many others around the country – have been hanging around the grill with beer in hand. Specifically, Ben said he was “Grilllin’, boozin’ and workin’ on hous!” A vacation always calls for some fine meat and delicious beer, right? Let’s just assume that Ben worked on the house before a few of those tasty Bell’s Two-Hearted Ales.

Along with hanging with family and friends, Ryan R. added to his tattoo collection. I have a couple tattoos myself and while I wouldn’t exactly describe the experience as a restful one, I’m betting he had some time to at least reflect during the process.

Others like Dan P. and Steve have been communing with nature as they camped and hiked along some picturesque trails. Specifically, Dan went to Deep Lake in Yankee Springs. Heard of it?

Alissa and Nicolas might just win the R & R award as they’ve been kicking their feet up alongside the waters’ edge this past weekend. Alissa was at a cottage on Turtle Lake in Northern Michigan and Nicolas? The Atlantic Ocean. Sounds wonderful…

If you’ve been frequenting the local Kalamazoo cinemas this weekend, you may have run into Heath who said he would be going to see a film or two. Jarad also hung around town which means you could’ve seen him, in his own words, “chillin’ max and relaxin’ cool” on his porch playing guitar.

Someone who you probably didn’t see is James, not only because, well, he lives in Minnesota, but also because he’s been sticking to his current Sci-Fi reading binge pretty strictly: Isaac Asimov’s Foundation. Also staying edumacated while resting was Tyler, as he flipped some pages on Donald Miller’s A Million Miles in a Thousand Years last weekend. Oh yeah, and yard work was also on his agenda.

Can you rest and reflect while dancing the night away? This was Luke’s main event of choice for the weekend as he and his date attended Killamazoo Derby Darlins7th Annual Zombie Prom. Yeah, I said it. Zombie. Prom.

Newmind Rests & Reflects

Thanks for the photo DB Family Photography & DJ!


Matt’s sister just moved back from NYC! So, while he might have done a little less resting in helping her unload her stuff, some time for reflection was probably in order for these two.

While most Newminders have been resting and reflecting in a variety of ways over the weekend, one has been doing the opposite. Josh’s wife had their baby! At least it’ll be something to reflect on at another time! Either way, we’re excited for them. Welcome to the world Gretta Claire.

Newmind Rests & Reflects

Photo by @thematthewknot


And me? I have been resting and reflecting my way through Kentucky and Tennessee to spend quality time with family members whom my husband and I don’t often see. Good times indeed.

We’d love to know – how have you been R & R’ing over this past weekend?!