Many times, the term ‘internship’ strikes up certain images: a college student or recent grad mastering the art of filing, hanging out all day by the copying machine, making coffee runs and washing windows. I can tell you that my Marketing internship at Newmind was nothing close to that. In fact, seeing paper in the office at all was a rare occurrence.

During my 3 months here, I truly felt like a valued member of the team – so much that it surprised me at first. “Oh, you want my opinion?” And not just to be nice, but really once I was adopted on, I was expected to bring what I had to the table – my input, knowledge, perspective, and experience. Just like anyone else.

This confidence in my abilities – whether I had them or not – is rooted in one of their core values: make mistakes. It’s OKAY to mess up now and then. That’s how we learn, grow and overall, become better at what we do. The acknowledgement of this very common, human thing was reassuring and encouraged me to try new things and work independently rather than feeling like my ideas and responsibilities were put in a box. I didn’t have to walk on eggshells and for being a new team member, that’s important!

Reflecting on my Newmind internship

Internships are about learning and that’s what I did, overwhelmingly so. I didn’t have a background in Marketing, so the fact that they brought me on anyway says a lot about their hiring process.

(Speaking of which, I had never enjoyed an interview process more!)

My main duties were to write blog and customer story content, as well as, to manage social media platforms. In doing that, I gained much experience in using WordPress and Blogspot. I started learning about the strategy behind different social media outlets and how to measure certain metrics. I took part in various marketing strategy sessions and developed an insight into just how much strategy is involved in this field. (Hint: a lot.) Often I would have one question about something and it would quickly turn into five more specific ones!

And then there was the technology aspect…I became fairly acquainted with Chromebooks, Google Apps, and the benefits of BYOD initiatives. Actually, I’m pretty sad to part with my Acer C720 Chromebook. What a great device! While I met some of the IT talk with blank stares (because that’s definitely not my background either), my co-workers were happy to explain anything I needed – which actually brings me to my last few points: the people.

Reflecting on my Newmind internship

No matter what you’re doing, the people and culture in the workplace can make the world of a difference.

From the start, I was warmly welcomed and it didn’t take too long to notice how much my efforts were being appreciated. I won’t lie – it felt really good! And often gave me boosts of energy and excitement to do more, to be better. Newmind is like a giant family whose dynamics are not often seen in many other workplaces. Everyone works so hard and then sometimes that hard work is complemented by the occasional GIF email train or rubber-band war. While I always had what seemed to be a never-ending list of things to do, things like this could really lighten the mood at much-needed times.

Along a similar subject, just as they acknowledge the inevitability and value in making mistakes, so too do they know that work shouldn’t replace life. Rest and reflect is another core value. That translates into taking small breaks throughout the day to refresh and recharge your workflow. They made it known that they valued my time outside of work. Not only that, but what was important to me, was important to them.

Wherever I work, I want there to be value in the mission of the organization. I gained a lot of respect for how much Newmind rallies behind their clients, desires to see them be successful, and then wants to celebrate in that success. Knowing there’s value in what you do and what you’re reaching for is important.

So, while I did learn a lot about the ins-and-outs of Marketing, I also gained a great deal of insight into what makes a great place to work:

  • Freedom to learn & try new things
  • Trust & respect from management
  • A supportive & family-like team
  • Appreciation for your work, talents, & input
  • Acknowledgement of the importance to rest
  • A valuable mission to get behind

Thanks Newmind.

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