Every year Newminders and their families gather for our summer party. This year was different. Matt and Dan, our CEO and marketing lead, had been keeping a secret from the rest of the company. They shared the secret with us and there were quite a few excited Newminders on the beach that day.

I’m proud to share this secret with you: Newmind Group has been named to Inc. magazine’s list of 500 fastest-growing private companies in the United States.

The entire team at Newmind is both encouraged and humbled by being recognized. When I asked Matt for his reaction to the news, his answer was simple, but catches an excitement that we’re all still riding out:

“I was really surprised. At first the award seemed like a pie-in-the-sky kind of thing, and I even still find myself trying to write it off for one reason or another. Utimately, I believe in the vision and the culture of Newmind, and I know this is a company that is set for long-term strategic growth.”

Growth Starts With Amazing People

As the founder of Newmind, I’ve seen the amount of team effort that has gone into our rapid growth. In just the past 4 years our team has tripled its original size. I’m grateful for each of the talented and hardworking people that have chosen to join our team over the years. This is an honor that they have worked very hard for and I’m so excited to see them earn it. Our team is working every day with talented people at Google, our distribution partners, and other partner organizations. We can’t thank these partners enough for their work and collaboration with us. They are members of our extended family and have been a big factor in our continued growth and the quality of our service to customers.

photo by rhinomedia

photo by rhinomedia

Newmind Learns Lessons about Education

Back in 2011, Newmind was a thriving company that served the IT needs of forward thinking businesses and organizations across the US. We were just starting to learn about the innovation that was being driven by educators and education administrators throughout the country. We were so excited to jump in and work alongside these talented people.


Today, EdTech innovation is in full swing and is accelerating across the country. Over the past 3 years Newmind has been right in the middle of it, helping over 500 schools across the country implement solutions like Chromebooks, Google Play for Education, Securly and others. We’ve met so many amazing EdTech professionals that are innovating in their districts and making a positive impact on our children’s lives. Serving these passionate people with innovative solutions—solutions that can fit within any district’s budget—has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my last 3 years at Newmind. These people are amazing and I am so grateful to call them our clients.

NMG clients side by side

New Leadership

In late 2012, I chose to begin the process of stepping down from my role as CEO and to transition leadership of Newmind to my longtime friend and teammate, Matt Vollmar. Matt possesses a set of strengths which are a positive force behind Newmind Group’s mission of using technology to make work more productive, profitable and enjoyable for our clients. With a skillset suited towards organization management and a data-based approach to customer satisfaction, Matt was a perfect fit for Newmind as we reached a new stage in our growth cycle. As Matt took over leadership, Ryan Russey also stepped into greater responsibility as a key member of Newmind’s leadership team. Both Matt and Ryan’s leadership has been critical to our growth over these past 3 years and I’m so happy to have such passionate and strong leaders on our team.

What’s Next?

With an experienced and forward-thinking team like the one we have at Newmind it is hard to predict what the future holds. But I can make a couple of predictions. We are going to continue to build our expertise in the most innovative technologies available for education and business. We are going to maintain a focus on the importance of collaboration and community—a belief that fuels our own Build It Together events. We are going to treat clients with the care and respect that they have come to expect from us. And we are going to continue to focus on long-term relationships and success by using technology to make work more productive, profitable and enjoyable for all of the amazing people that we are so privileged to work with every day.

How do you make work productive, profitable, and enjoyable?