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Ben Morris is not just a Newminder. Not just another employee. Ben Morris is an enigma—funniest Newminder, to be exact (it’s in the books, trust me). One of Newmind Group’s figurative “rockstars,” according to these nifty personality evaluations that we all took. Not to mention one of our resident NBA Jam champions. We know the mystery behind Ben, but what makes the man?

Ben Morris comes from humble West Michigan beginnings, the youngest of three brothers by a margin of at least five years.Though born in Kalamazoo, Ben bounced back and forth between Kalamazoo and Otsego through most of his youth. His funniest Newminder rank can be attributed to being the youngest child, Ben says—between his two older brothers, he had to work to stay in the limelight within the family, and humor was a surefire way to garner attention.

Within Newmind Group, Ben gets to use his sense of humor to bond with his coworkers and clients. He’s a part of the sales team, where every day he’s creating and cultivating client relationships, as well as “finding ways for businesses to be more profitable, productive, and fun,” he says (hey, that sounds a lot like the Newmind mission statement…).

When Ben joined Newmind Group, his own family was well underway, and he had put a wrap on his degree from Western Michigan University—a BFA in English. “My English degree took a quick 13 years to finish,” Ben says. “I had a newborn baby girl (Maylin) a Bachelor’s, and no real direction (but a definite need) for new employment.” He said Newmind took a chance on him in spite of his not-so-technical background, and it’s worked out great so far, as he’s going on his third year of working here.

The Funniest Newminder
Michael Jefferies bestowing the coveted prize for the funniest Newminder.

“I like working for a company whose core values are dependent on relationships, excellence, work life balance and enjoying your work. I also cannot stress enough how great all of my coworkers are.”

Today, Ben lives in Kalamazoo with his wife, Angel, and their three children—Maylin, Parker, and Gracie. When he’s not on the job, he loves spending time with his family more than anything else.


“The most attention goes to the 2-year-old because she is little,” Ben admits. “She just started dance and gymnastics and it’s very cute.”

Outside of family time, Ben loves the outdoors- camping and hiking mostly. “If I had more time on my hands, that’s definitely what I’d be doing this summer.” In his time, Ben has hiked Michigan’s Isle Royal and the Porcupine Mountains, as well as the Rocky Mountains, the Boundary Waters, and the Adirondacks. He also devotes some of his personal time to nerdy card games, and he is “intensely excited” for the Detroit Lions season to begin.


Ben Morris Fast Facts

If you could force every acquaintance you make to watch one movie, read one book, and listen to one piece of music, what would those be?
Movie: “Razors Edge. It has Bill Murray and the search for meaning to life. ‘Nuff said.”
Book: “East of Eden. The book has lots of self destruction and depravity as well as love and freedom. Throw in a bunch of biblical parallels and you got yerself there a people-pleaser.”
Music: “Under the Bridge by the Red Hot Chili Peppers. I like sad stuff and RHCP were my jam in High School.

If you were forced to leave the country for 10 years, where would you go to settle down?
“I’m super Americany, wouldn’t really want to live anywhere else. I guess that is why I don’t get forced to leave the country. I’d give Russia a visit, eat some stuff in Japan and India maybe…”

Favorite place to eat in Kalamazoo?
Although I have only been there a few times Thai Cuisine is my favorite. Saffron is second.

If you could have coffee with one person from history…?
“Benjamin Franklin. We share the name Benjamin and I really dig my name. Also he did a lot of stuff.”