In lieu of an ordinary post today, we wanted to give you a snapshot of Newmind’s holiday plans and traditions!

Newmind’s favorite Thanksgiving dishes


Funny thing. I’m highly allergic to Turkey (all poultry) so I’ve never been excited about Thanksgiving food. However, my wife’s family makes Varenyky every year, and that’s probably my new favorite holiday dish. Filled with cottage cheese and topped with either a sausage gravy or warm fruit sauce.” –Ryan Russey.

  • Varenyky (vah-REH-nih-kih)is a dish consisting of stuffed dumplings of unleavened dough, typically filled with meat, potatoes, cabbage, and sometimes hard-boiled eggs. Perogies are a type of varenyky.
  • The more you know!

    Newmind’s favorite holiday movies

    Sure, Alice’s Restaurant might not be a movie, but it’s definitely earned its spot on the list. Thanks, Luke Reynolds, for this amazing holiday discovery!

    Newmind’s holiday pies of choice

    newmind pie

    Distance Traveled for turkey time?

    3008.5 Miles!

    With Newminders based all around the country, from Minnesota, to Ohio, to South Carolina, we’ve got some traveling to do! Nick is even going to Disney World… Jealous?

    But most importantly, what is Newmind Group thankful for?


    Dan Jefferies

    “I’m thankful that such great customers have chosen to trust Newmind as their technology partner. I’m always impressed by them.”

    Matt Vollmar

    “An amazing group of co-workers and customers that make it really fun to come to work every day.”

    Ryan Russey

    “I’m thankful that I saved a bunch of money on car insurance. I’m also thankful that my extended family gets to take a vacation together to the Gulf Coast for Christmas this year.”

    Mike Jefferies

    “My wife and daughter. Also, for a lot of really awesome friends that encourage me.”

    Lance Busdeker

    “My family.”

    Ryan Hawkins

    “I am thankful for the new house I just bought.”

    Dan Proczko

    “Thanksgiving James Bond marathon. I love watching all the old Bond movies the week of Turkey Day! Still do.”

    Heath Miller

    “I am thankful for a great year”

    Luke Schneider

    “Healthy and (mostly) happy family.”

    Alissa St-Amour

    “Cherry pies!!”

    Amber Stevens

    “My jobs”

    Steve Chang

    “I am thankful for have a healthy and happy family; the ability to provide safety for my family and friends; Also the ability to feed my family day to day.”

    Luke Reynolds

    “Early snow! I’m getting back into skiing this season, so I’m stoked to see the signs of a fruitful winter.”

    Nick Yarosz

    “My family”

    James Duke

    “I’m thankful for warm sweaters”

    Ben Morris

    “My 4 wheel drive truck. This is my first winter with 4 wheel drive and I’m excited, don’t judge me.”

    Jarad Selner

    “Dr. Mario”

    Joshua Slye

    “The ability to live life free and pursue my dreams.”

    Tyler Triemstra

    “I am thankful for amazing friends and coworkers.”

    Garrett Wenger

    “I’m thankful for a fantastic and caring family, and a great job with great people. I’m also thankful for comic books.

    That’s all, folks! Drive safe this weekend, stay warm, and don’t eat too much—otherwise you won’t have any leftovers!