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December has come and winter is here with it, the best season to turn up the heat and hunker down with a book. In honor of the book-hunkering season, I present one of Newmind Group’s prime bibliophiles, Luke Reynolds!

Luke was born in Golden, Colorado but grew up in Michigan, spending most of his childhood in Ionia with his brothers and sister. When he moved up north for college, he met his fiancee, Anna, and continuing his education brought the two of them to their current home in Kalamazoo.

Bringing the Happiness

Luke hat

At Newmind, Luke is a Client Happiness Engineer. “I work on our managed services delivery team in a CIO capacity for our clients. I’m a system admin, network admin, server admin, tech consultant, relationship manager and a few other things all rolled into one.”

His work history doesn’t begin with Newmind Group, though—before coming on board, Luke started and ran a landscaping company for 4 years, specializing in sustainable lawns and landscapes. Jack of all trades, you say?

A tech nerd at heart (as well as other schools of nerd-dom), Luke says he was immediately attracted to Newmind’s tone and attitude: “The culture here seemed super unique and genuine, and it turned out to be all true. That was January 2013, and I’ve been part of the family ever since.”

“The best part of Newmind, for me, is the ownership of responsibility required to succeed here. We are allowed a high level of freedom here, and that freedom is coupled with accountability. This kind of work environment has created an awesome group of people who all understand that self-reliance and cohesive teamwork can exist together – and even be mutually beneficial.”

Luke and Anna pose at the Newmind Christmas party, while Jarad and Ben  perform the most graceful photobomb Newmind has ever known.

Luke and Anna pose at the Newmind Christmas party, while Jarad and Ben perform the most graceful photobomb Newmind has ever known.

Luke Reynolds Fast Facts


If you could enlighten every acquaintance with one movie, one book, and one piece of music, what would those be?

These kind of questions are tough. My movie/literature/music tastes are always in flux, but here goes nothing—

Movie: Waking Life, an amazing flick about a lucid dream by Richard Linklater, dissecting different philosophical principles in a visual style like no other.

Book: Geek Love, by Katherine Dunn. Easily one of the best American novels ever written, if you’re into unconventional contemporary fiction.

Music: Yikes, this is probably the toughest one for me. I like a lot of music. Instead of listing something classical or something that “stands the test of time,” I’ll just go with the best hip hop record of all time: Paul’s Boutique by the Beastie Boys.

If you were forced to leave the country for 10 years, where would you go to settle down?

New Zealand would probably be at the top of my list. Anna and I have always wanted to spend some time there, and 10 years seems like just enough to see it all.

If you could have coffee with one person from history, who would it be?

Abbie Hoffman, because he was a true mythical American. On the same coffee list would probably be Bill Hicks, H.P Lovecraft, Nikola Tesla, John Lennon, and maybe Ray Bradbury too.

Favorite place to eat in Kalamazoo?

Right now, Cafe Meli has been cranking out some pretty great breakfast, namely their breakfast quesadilla or any of their skillets. Grab some hot sauce and wake up right.

Favorite place to eat in Colorado?

Sharkey’s in Fraser, Colorado. Great spot to grab a savory bite before hitting the mountain in Winter Park.

How do you spend your personal time lately?

I’m a reader, so lately I’ve been catching up on George Saunders’ short stories. Beyond that, I really like finding projects to build, playing golf with friends, enjoying the enormous selection of craft beer in Kalamazoo, and of course, watching my fiance bring the pain for the Killamazoo Derby Darlins!