Have you been keeping up with our new content? Check out this roundup of our popular posts of the week, or our previous weeks’ Best of posts.

1) Newmind Group Rests and Reflects

In this post from last summer, Meghan gave us a snapshot of how Newminders were spending their Memorial Day weekend. Under all this snow, the idea of barbecuing just seems so far away…

“Alissa and Nicolas might just win the R & R award as they’ve been kicking their feet up alongside the waters’ edge this past weekend. Alissa was at a cottage on Turtle Lake in Northern Michigan and Nicolas? The Atlantic Ocean. Sounds wonderful…”

2) Samsung Chromebook 2 Review (XE500C12)

We finally got a chance to review the newer model of the Samsung Chromebook 2, set apart by its longer battery life, lower cost, and an Intel processor. Some users have called it the “true successor” to the Samsung 303c.

“While Samsung claims up to 9 hours, I was able to reach about 7.5 while streaming video with the brightness and volume set to 50%. More reserved usage should have no trouble hitting between 8 and 9 hours on a single charge- over 2 hours greater than its predecessor, the Chromebook 303c”

3) Meet Newmind: Joshua Slye

In October’s Meet Newmind post, we speak to our former team member Joshua Slye, from the sales team: Newmind Group’s resident coffee master, Tolkien fan, and newest father. Afterwards, you should also check out his awesome reflection on his time at Newmind Group.

“Joshua is going on four years of marriage now, and he and his wife recently introduced a new daughter to their family, who is a little over 3 months old. When asked about his personal life, Josh gave me a pretty clean outline: “I love my family and friends, and I love my beard and coffee and craft beer. I’m comfortable in city or country and love to travel and make new adventures. I love hiking off the trail and seeing what I can find.”

4) Happy Holidays from Newmind Group

The holidays have come and gone, but the memories are here to stay: check out our Newmind Holiday playlist, and read Nick’s concise reasoning for why A Charlie Brown Christmas is the perfect Christmas film.

“I just have to say that 1965′s “A Charlie Brown Christmas” is in my humble opinion the quintessential holiday soundtrack & film, not just cartoon, of the season. In a world with instantly gratifying experiences available around every corner, A Charlie Brown Christmas is one of the few things left that’s worth waiting 12 months for.”

5) Meet Newmind: Ben Morris

Ben Morris was last September’s feature in the Meet Newmind blog series. Take a walk through the head of Newmind Group’s funniest employee of 2014

“Ben Morris is not just a Newminder. Not just another employee. Ben Morris is an enigma—funniest Newminder, to be exact (it’s in the books, trust me). One of Newmind Group’s figurative “rockstars,” according to these nifty personality evaluations that we all took. Not to mention one of our resident NBA Jam champions. We know the mystery behind Ben, but what makes the man?”

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