Every week, the tech-minded and culture-focused team at Newmind shares many interesting articles internally. Every so often, we like to share that value with you. Let the faves begin!

A tale of two laptops with USB type-c ports (Apple and Google)

While the internet was buzzing this week over the new Macbook, and the “golden Apple” smartwatch, Google quietly announced the successor to their Pixel Chromebook. Fanboy-ism aside, this article puts up an interesting comparison of the two devices, and how they reflects the way each company approaches technology.

Raspberry Pi 2 arrives with quad-core CPU, 1gb RAM, same $35 price

It might not look like much, but Newmind Group is a big fan of the original Raspberry Pi computer, and seeing their sophomore release only reinforces the awesome philosophy behind the nonprofit: creating low-cost, quality hardware and encouraging the industry to innovate.

Toyota has been investigating cars that hover above the road

Who knows when we’ll actually see a flying car? While this technology is still miles ahead, there’s no harm in geeking out over the possibility, and Toyota’s reasoning behind this design lines up well with what Ryan Russey had to say in his 12 for 12 interview.

Where Good Ideas Come From

Steven Johnson puts a pretty interesting spin on the concept of collaboration and building off of our peers’ ideas. He also explores the elements that produce innovative environments, and the validity of “eureka” moments in the creative process. The video is also unexpectedly relevant to a certain music copyright lawsuit that made headlines this month…