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Google is working on a new VPN service for open-WiFi networks

It seems Google is piloting a new Android feature to protect you while on open WiFi networks. You’ll need to read the post to see how to activate it (and for now, it hasn’t been addressed by Google), but it’ll be interesting to see how this sits with concerns over Google and data tracking.

Most of us don’t download any smartphone apps at all

According to a study from Time magazine, only 35% of smartphone users actually download any new apps every month, and most of our activity takes place in only our single most-used app—a tough break for some of the smaller developers without much buzz.

Why is everyone so busy?

Where does all the time go? This article looks as the way modern technology and perspective has changed the way we plan our week. The author suggests that “individualistic cultures, which emphasise achievement over affiliation,” might be responsible for the time-is-money state of mind.

Google quietly launches data saver extension for Chrome

A new “Data Saver” extension has been released for Chrome, bringing the Google’s data compression feature to the desktop for the first time. It’s in beta for now, but meant to “save the user bandwidth, load pages faster, and increase security (since sites go through Google’s servers, the company checks for malicious webpages)”—and until now, it’d only been available on mobile.