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Acer outs a pricey Chromebox with 8gb of RAM, 4k monitor support

Acer is pushing the envelope where ChromeOS is concerned, having announced a heavy new option for prospective Chromebox owners, with options for an i3 or an i5 processor. Between this and the new Chromebook Pixel, 2015 is shaping up to be a good year for users interested in horsepower.

Stanford’s most popular class isn’t computer science—It’s something much more important

“Designing your life” is the class making its way into the curriculum of many Stanford juniors and seniors, touching on skills like gratitude, generosity, self-awareness, and adaptability. Instead of a final exam, students create multiple “odyssey plans” for themselves: mapping out life plans for the next 5 years.

Six habits of highly empathic people

For brushing up on your people skills, Roman Krznaric lists these six habits to become more of a “people-person,” and in doing so, improve the our overall quality of life. His first one is pretty simple: cultivate curiosity about strangers.

Stop thinking and start doing: the power of practicing more

James Clear takes a look at the merit of skipping the whole “imagination” stage of learning, and going straight to practicing hands-on. What’s his biggest reason for jumping right in? Learning can become a crutch that supports inaction.