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1) Incremental Innovation: Find the best tool for now, not the best tool ever

“I didn’t find a ‘perfect’ solution, but I found a good fit for us, for the next few years.” How does your organization take on change-management? Check out this story of Newmind’s trial and error in replacing a critical piece of business software, and see how you can innovate without disruption.

2) Share Google Drive links outside of your domain [Mar/Apr Google Apps Updates]

In March, Google added the ability to share links to your Google Drive files, and make them viewable by anyone with the link—no Google sign-in required! Check out how, along with many more updates from the past two months.

3) Newmind Group Rests and Reflects

One of Newmind’s Core Values is to Rest & Reflect. Working too much can cause anyone to burn out. Whether that be taking time off for self or family—or even taking a couple minutes on a workday to clear your head—actually helps your workflow. Last Memorial Day, we talked to Newminders and how they rest and reflect.

4) Wipe that disk! One Newminder is seeking an everyman’s solution to device end-of-life

The average American replaces their computer every four years—but what happens to the contents of the old one? Newmind’s Hans Erickson spoke on the IT in the D podcast in February, about how we deal with data disposal, and how to pass these habits onto end-users.

5) Meet Newmind: Jarad Selner

If April showers bring May flowers, then Jarad Selner brings the jazz to Newmind Group. Take a moment to get to know one of our education team members, who spends most of his time—and all of his money—purchasing and fixing up instruments. Mostly of the jazz variety.

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