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Uber Co-Founder’s Startup ‘Operator’ Will Get You What You Want

The new Operator app is meant to act as an inbox for someone to run errands for you—need someone to go pick up tickets while you’re at work? Ask an operator and they’ll make it happen. What’s even better are the abundant Matrix references in the article…

Yes, 123456 is the most common password, but here’s why that’s misleading

Security consultant Mark Burnett recently published a study showing that 123456 is the most popular password… Bad? Sure, but the silver lining, he says, is that the number of people using it have dropped from 8.8% (of ALL passwords) in 2011, to 0.6% in 2014—which goes to show some of this security discipline may be sticking afterall…

Examining tech solutions to natural disasters

An in-depth look at humanitarian efforts from the tech community, after a tropical storm crippled the small island nation of Vanuatu. From a DIY spectrometry kit, to quick-assembly “concrete canvas” housing, to communication infrastructure for rescuing remote trapped victims, it’s an awesome lesson in what we the community is capable of when acting out of fellowship.

Edward Snowden Explains Why You Should Use Passphrases, Not Passwords

John Oliver checks his password strength with Edward Snowden, who explains why you should use passphrases instead of passwords. A lesson in how character count makes a bigger difference than you think—and it’s pretty hilarious, to boot.