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The Transformative Effects of Reading & Elon Musk’s Reading List

Care to get inside the head of the man defining 21st century innovation? This article lists some of the texts that influenced Elon Musk, from classics like Lord of the Rings and the Foundation Series, as well as more thought-provoking nonfiction titles like Merchants of Doubt.

Use the 20-20-20 effect to battle the effects of sitting all day long

Writer Adam Pash dissects some tips and habits for battling the damaging effect of sitting all day at work, and breaks it down to a basic principle called 20-20-20: “every 20 minutes, walk 20 feet away for 20 seconds or more. Stop by a co-worker’s desk. Get a cup of coffee. Pace. Just don’t sit.”

The Best (Possible) Effects of Google’s Upcoming Wireless Service

The Android Police have done some digging for possible features and facets of Google’s forthcoming wireless service. Pay by the GB data, free US-to-US calling, and splitting one number amongst multiple phones are among the rumors, but there’s still little known about how and when we’ll be seeing the service appear for consumers.

The Apple II Watch

In the midst of ridicule over Apple’s foray into wearable tech, Instructables put together a hilarious prototype “Apple II Watch,” complete with beige plastic, monochrome green display, and micro-floppy disk “apps.” When do these bad boys go on sale?