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1) Not all innovation must be disruptive

We may have names like Elon Musk in the headlines for innovation, but innovating at your business doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Check out our 3 tips to bringing innovation to your organization.

2) Got kiosk? Thin devices in “kiosk” mode could change how your organization operates

You don’t always notice them, but kiosks are everywhere, in settings such as customer service, education, and corporate industry. What should you be looking for in kiosk technology? Simplicity and durability are key elements there. Check out our favorite devices and applications for kiosks and thin clients.

3) Just-in-time training—Keeping Pace with the Cloud

They updated the Facebook app AGAIN? Software updates aren’t the same massive overhauls as they were 10 years ago—now, they’re incremental and they show up all the time! Check out these 5 tips for staying on top of updates and new features

4) Asus Chromebox CN60: a review

One of the first Chromebox models on the market, the Asus CN60. It’s a lightweight device, but could find a good home in both schools and businesses—they sport a security slot to tie down the unit, and a VESA mount is included to mount it behind monitors, leading to less clutter and more security in lab environments.

5) Our favorite moments from Build It Together

Build IT Together 2014 featured a number of distinguished speakers from the Michigan area, including Jen Randall, Hans Erickson, and Matt Mace. “I was very impressed by the variety of ambitious, forward-thinking technologies that have been implemented by organizations in the Kalamazoo area. A focus on virtualization and cloud-based tools is bringing a lot of enterprise-class power to small and medium-sized organizations.” -James

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