Culture is indispensable to the workplace and employee retention, and it certainly doesn’t come out of thin air—and it needs tending to once in a while! One way Newmind Group keeps a consistent culture and stays close to our mission is through shared reading—it plays right into our core value “be experienced and forward thinking”! While some forward thinking can be addressed by making a habit of “just-in-time training,” some things are best taught through good old-fashioned book learning.

These books encompass many ideas we hold close to our own vision, so we wanted to pass along some of our thoughts on them. Not sure about committing the time to a book? Check out the attached videos for a sample!

Mastering the Rockefeller Habits, Verne Harnish

Dan J—”This book introduced my to the “Priorities, Data, Rhythm” framework for managing teams. I use this framework often and I learned a lot from other concepts in the book. There are many worksheets and systems here that I don’t use because I find them to be heavy and inflexible. Overall a worthwhile read.”

Delivering Happiness: A Path to Profits, Passion, and Purpose, Tony Hsieh

Lance—”The book was a great reminder of the importance of creating value—Not just with your customers, but with your partners. It also drove home the value in delighting those you work with, and the importance of building a strong company culture.”

Linchpin: Are You Dispensible?, Seth Godin

James—”This is a book about how to think about yourself. That is simplifying things a lot, but to me the message of the book is: take ownership of your job, work hard to put your best talent and skills into it, and by doing this, you could change the job fundamentally so that your boss can never fire you, and will have to pay you extra money just because of how cool you are. “

Hungry for more reading? Be sure to check out our Linchpin blog series as well! Got any recommended reading of your own?