Last month, we were totally humbled to be selected as a co-winner of the Positive Business Conference. The conference focuses on culture and company values, so we wanted to share a little video about us and how we work. Enjoy!

Newmind Group’s mission is to make work more profitable, productive, and fun for our clients, using technology—and Newmind’s values are incredibly important in fulfilling its mission. One practice that has been important to fulfilling our mission is to make decisions based on our values, over profit or short-term gain. Below, we’ve listed those values for you.


Make new mistakes and learn

It encourages people that it’s okay to make small mistakes in the process of learning something new—it becomes difficult to broaden your horizons when you’re too afraid to try new things.

Make things better

This value encourages people to bring their own style and skillset to improve the systems and processes we already have in place in the organization.

Rest and reflect

To be happy and deliver quality work, we need to prioritize and set aside time to rest and reflect—whether that means stepping out for a quick game of pinball, or even a quick walk around the block.

GSD: get stuff done

Get stuff done is pretty self-explanatory. At the end of the day, you want to truly own the work you do—embodying this along with our other values can make work a rewarding experience.

Be experienced and forward thinking

We’re improving ourselves constantly we’re building our experiences constantly, but also with an eye for “how to we bring customers the next thing, the new thing, the thing that’s gonna give them an advantage. That will bring them productivity, profitability, and fun.

Communicate responsibly, comfortably, and with care

A key to working on a team and working externally with partners and clients, is ensuring that you’re communicating properly and intelligently—it doesn’t just ensure better collaboration, it can also make a simple difference in the day someone is having.

Be awesome

Be awesome is another self-explanatory one—bring your best self to work, and be proud of it! There’s nothing engaging about blending in, so don’t lose sight of your personal goals and passion along the way.

How do we uphold these values?

7geese, our employee recognition app of choice, offers recognition in the form of these 6 categories. In the app, Newminders can publicly recognize each other for day-to-day achievements, according to the core value that fits.

On a deeper level, Newmind also issues an annual peer review survey, in which we ask each employee to rank each other employee on how they exemplify those values. Then we compile the survey results, rank each employee on each value, and award those employees for representing those values. Those results are then brought into monthly 1-on-1 meetings with Newminders, where they can be discussed more deeply.


Thanks for checking out our video, and I hope you enjoyed taking a closer look at Newmind culture! Does your organization share any of these core values? We’d love to hear about it in the comments!