This is our fourteenth post in the Meet Newmind series. If you enjoy it, check out our Meet Newmind posts from past months!

This July, we meet with Audrienne Murray, Newmind Group’s #1 islander (Mackinac Island, that is), as well as the newest addition to the Help Desk and accounting teams!

Audrienne grew up in Petoskey, MI, but spent every summer living—and eventually working—on Mackinac Island. She’s the oldest of four siblings, and graduated from Petoskey High School in 2011.
In high school and college Audrienne was active in theatre, choir, and cheerleading—she was the senior cheer captain at K college in 2015! In June, she graduated from Kalamazoo College with a double major in Business and French with a concentration in accounting and finance.

Joining the Newmind squad

Audrienne was already seeking a post-grad job in accounting or finance when Newminders Matt Vollmar and Dan Jefferies came in to speak for her senior business seminar class.

“I really liked their description of the business practices and work environment of Newmind. Coincidentally, there was an opening for an accounting internship so I decided to apply.”

Audrienne began working part-time in April, and came on board as a to full-time employee after her graduation from Kalamazoo College.

Today, she wears a couple different hats for Newmind—helping with invoicing, billing, processing deposits, and other organizational tasks—and if your company uses the Newmind Group Help Desk, there’s a good chance she’ll be on the other end of the line when you call, because she’s been spending a few days per week helping our Happiness Engineers delight our customers!

Newminder Fast Facts

How have you been spending your time lately?

I have been doing a lot of reading and I as soon as I get my bike fixed I will be bike riding as much as possible!

If you could enlighten every acquaintance you make with one movie, one piece of music, and one book, what would those be?

Movie: A Good Year. This movie with Russell Crowe and Marion Cotillard is about an English businessman who goes to his late Uncle’s vineyard in Provence to fix it up before selling it. As he does so he learns a lot about his Uncle’s past and some secrets that he was keeping. It is a funny and sad movie with brilliant acting and gorgeous scenery.
Music: Amid the Flowers by Less is More. Less is More is a duo from Michigan, Jane Finkel and Brian Spencer. They write their own songs and perform all over Michigan and have even done a small tour around the US. They are currently based in Kalamazoo but Jane is a friend of mine from growing up. They have an indie sound, both are incredible singers (they met in an a capella group at Albion College), and between the two of them they play every instrument that they need.
Book: The Loon Feather by Iola Fuller. This book is told from the point of view of an Ojibway girl, Oneta in Northern Michigan. She is the daughter of Tecumseh but lives in a different village. Her mother marries a frenchman who sends Oneta to school in Quebec where she slowly begins to lose her identity. It is a sad story but it is an incredible book.

If you were forced to leave the country for 10 years, where would you go to settle down?

France, you wouldn’t even need to force me! I lived in central France for 9 months doing a study abroad my junior year of college. I absolutely love it there, the food, the wine, the language, the people. I would be very happy there!

If you could have coffee with one person from history, who would it be?

Audrey Hepburn

Favorite place to eat in Kalamazoo?

Cumin, it is a newer Indian restaurant on Stadium Dr. They have amazing, authentic Indian food. It is reasonably priced and just downright delicious