While organizations become more invested in IT through the use of cloud services, mobile devices, and other new tools, we can expect the cost of IT services to match their growth. Computerworld runs an annual Forecast survey of IT executives, and in 2015, 43% of respondents said they expect their IT budgets to increase this year. As budgets increase, how can IT departments increase their ROI?

More than two-thirds of respondents to CompTIA’s Fourth Annual Trends in Managed Services Study say their company have worked with an outside IT Firm in the past 12 months. How does working with a managed IT services provider help the bottom line, you ask? Here are 5 ways:

  • Eliminate time drains

    When strategic projects are on deck your IT department’s time can quickly be sapped by basic day-to-day support tasks. One of Newmind Group’s customers outsources an average of 450 support tickets every single month! Not only does this free up significant work time—it’s time that can be used on bottom line building projects.

  • Keep your specialists focused

    When your web specialist came on board to overhaul your company’s online tools, he probably wasn’t expecting to get caught up in resetting employee passwords and other minor issues. In the end, it’s a drain on your ROI, as you’re paying them a specialists wage, for entry level work. Working with a managed services provider will allow you to offload more basic tasks and keep your specialists building value.

  • Save on training costs

    Hiring an entry-level person to take a subset of your day-to-day IT tasks requires training them from the ground up. A seasoned managed IT services provider can offer help desk services, tools, strategic value and more, right out of the gate. Now, you can take that training budget and put it toward more valuable projects or advanced training that will make your team more competitive.

  • Increased Security

    If your organization is big enough to justify it, you might have considered bringing on a dedicated IT security employee, but a Managed IT Services Provider can offer a wealth of existing knowledge, a more reliable service, accountability, and more. Nearly half (46%) of the IT leaders who responded to a Computer World poll said that they will be increasing security spending in 2015, instead of fumbling around yourself, look to experienced providers who will cut the learning curve and get you protected faster.

When given the right resources, you’ll find that the IT team can bring a lot more to the organization than just tech support and monitoring servers. With a Managed Services Provider freeing up the budget, time, and energy, you’ll see improvements rippling through the rest of your company. Interested in learning more? Give Newmind Group a call.