The media is awash with security concerns and threats (some more valid than others) and if you’re looking to up your security game you may be debating on hiring a dedicated security specialist, but have you considered a managed services provider?

It seems natural that a growing organization might hire a new IT team member dedicated to security, but when it comes down to experience and accountability, contracting a managed services provider may be more reliable—not to mention an MSP can be scaled to organizations of any size.

Full attention on security

Consider the typical SMB’s IT team—if they’re spending a substantial amount of their work year focused on break-fix tech support and any spare time adding value by improving things or solving things, there are certain things that just get pushed aside—security is one of them.

To give you an even bigger picture, as a managed services provider, Newmind Group has a person specifically charged with looking out for customer security and employees whose entire job is to think strategically—researching and applying methods and tools to make things better for our customers, and then delivering on them. Some organizations—especially smaller ones—won’t always have the luxury or time to develop those resources when they’re burdened by everyday support tasks.

Work with an entire team

The same expectations can’t always be expected from a single employee within your company—when you ally with a managed services provider, you’re assigning an entire team to your security needs. This doesn’t just mean an increased response time for support tickets—managing firewalls, managing networks and servers, routine security checks—you’ll have coverage in many areas.

With a managed services team to monitor your security, your internal security person is free to lead your IT plan strategically, making touchpoints with your MSP’s security lead along the way, mapping long-term and assigning executables.

Seasoned background

One thing that comes with a managed services provider is experience—not just in your industry either, but in a diversity of industries and business types. With that comes insight and experience that can give your organization a leg up on security practices. This could come in the form of tools that your team hasn’t had the opportunity to test yet, or from best practices that have been refined over time when working with similar organizations.

If there’s one thing to take away here, it’s that you shouldn’t underestimate the value of that extra talent! Whether your current IT team needs some sturdier footing, or your organization doesn’t even work with in-house IT, adding a managed services provider to your fortifications could mean peace of mind, and then some. If you think it could be the right fit for you, give Newmind Group a call.