It can be tricky for mid-sized businesses to innovate office productivity—you’re large enough that you need ways to integrate your apps and speed up tedious work processes, but you’re small enough that you can’t pay for custom software or invest time in writing your own integrations between apps.

Fortunately, there are integration tools out there filling that gap, making it easy to integrate your apps.

Innovate office productivity by linking your cloud apps with integration tools

Integration tools take two separate apps, like Salesforce and Google Calendar, and innovate office productivity by allowing those apps to “talk to each other” and take care of tasks in the background of your workflow. For example: you might create an integration that automatically adds Salesforce events and tasks into your Google Calendar.

Innovate office productivity at your workplace by trying one of the tools below—they’re easy to use and integrate with tons of apps that you use every day.


Zapier is a robust integration tool that can work for individual and business use. Operations are known as “zaps”, which can be set to run automatically, or manually using a dashboard. Zap triggers and actions are customizable, but Zapier also provides popular zaps for less experienced users.
Skill Level: Moderate. Zapier is easy to learn, but has many advanced features for more experienced users. That versatility makes it our favorite platform overall.
Compatible Apps
Cost: Limited free account, $20-$100/mo for robust business plans.


If This Then That

If This Then That (IFTTT) is an intuitive platform designed for individual use, and their operations are known as “recipes.” New accounts come with pre-built recipes, and creating new recipes is simple, but recipes are limited to 2 actions per trigger, and may only trigger once every 15 minutes.
Skill Level: Easy. IFTTT is an excellent choice for first-time integrators, but may lack the depth for heavy workplace use.
Compatible Apps
Cost: Free.


Integromat uses a clean interface designed to look like a flowchart. Each action is represented by a bubble, and lines are drawn between each bubble to show which actions are linked.
Skill Level: Moderate. Integromat has an intuitive interface but doesn’t do as much handholding as Zapier and IFTTT.
Compatible Apps
: Limited free account, $9-$299/mo for robust business plans. uses simple text drop-downs to modify each action in an operation, which are referred to as “bots”. Instead of limiting the actions in each operation, automation limits your actions per month—that means you can experiment with complex workflows, you just won’t be able to run them as often.
Skill Level: Moderate. supports fewer cloud apps than the above platforms, but allow for more complex operations.
Compatible Apps
: $9-$99/mo for business plans.

Zapier is the platform of choice for integrations at Newmind Group, but all of these tools are great ways to innovate office productivity in your workplace. If you’re new to integration, try taking IFTTT for a spin—it’s way easier than you think! Already inspired and ready to get your hands dirty? Check out this article to learn how to use powerful Google Forms to get better team feedback on things like helpdesk tickets!.