You know the feeling: trying to keep track of credentials—unique usernames and passwords— a few dozen different websites, not to mention the handful you joined, but can’t remember. It’s no wonder we worry about our login details being and abused—stolen credentials are the source of 95% of last year’s data breaches!

If there’s anything I learned in 2016, it’s that no one is immune to phishing and hack attempts. We’re all guilty of cutting corners with security now and then, so we designed a challenge that will help you seal off those gaps, and keep you better protected in 2017:

30 Day Bulletproof Security Challenge

The challenge begins on January 18th, and when you sign up, you’ll receive a series of easy, bite-sized steps over the course of a month, giving you new skills that will keep your data safe, and make security less of a headache. By the end, you’ll have mastered techniques making you a savvy internet user.

Resolve to make 2017 a year without hacking, phishing, or security fails! Head over to the Challenge Signup Page to see what you’ll learn.