May the Fourth 2017 Team survey

We’re celebrating May the Fourth by surveying the Newmind team using Google Forms. Then took the results from Google Sheets to build an Infograph in Canva.

Technology should make work profitable, productive and fun. We’ll balance your technology strategy, so you can spend more time balancing the everything else (you know, like the force).

The team was asked:

  • Favorite Star wars Movie
  • Are you light side or dark side of the force?
  • You favorite Hero & Villain

What are your answers? Leave us a comment below!

May the Fourth 2017 at Newmind Group Infographic

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Daniel Proczko has been working with organizations and individuals to build & grow the entrepreneur community of Kalamazoo, MI. From organizing TEDx events, hack-a-thons, and documentary screenings to engaging with business leaders, Dan strives to inspire individuals with new ideas and better thinking. Having always been interested in tech and understanding the value of innovation through IT, communicating the importance of strategic IT thinking is one of Dan's primary goals within Newmind Group.