Season’s greetings from Newmind Group! As the year winds to a close, we like to share some of the things that make Christmastime special for the Newmind family.

Start spinning the Newmind Holiday Playlist 2017 below (we each chose a song, just for you) and take a peek at what gets our jingle bells ringing!


Favorite Holiday Foods

“Our childhood neighbor’s homemade cinnamon rolls.” – Dean S

“Classic Canadian Butter Tarts” – Monte J

I would have to go with something sweet — cashew clusters or buckeyes (no idea if these are universally Christmas snacks, but they are for me!) – Carman G

Every Christmas morning my fam makes monkey bread! – Audrienne M

“Borsch – a traditional ukrainian staple at Christmas time! Love this soup.” – Dan P

“Baked French Toast or Vareniki” – Ryan R

“Special Christmas morning pancakes (actually called Blinnas in my family)” – Matt V


Home Alone Boobytrap of Choice

Iced Stairs

Amy Rizzo Nick Miko

BB Gun in the Mail Slot

Dean P. Simmer Ben Morris

Firecrackers in a Pan & “Merry Christmas, ya Filthy Animal”

Spicy Doorknob

Escape Zipline to the Treehouse Out Back


Paintcans on a Rope

Birdseed & a Flock of Pigeons

Heath Miller

Toolchest Down the Stairs

Glass Bulbs on the Floor


From all of us at Newmind Group, we wish you a happy holidays. Wherever the season brings you this year, we hope you stay safe, sane, and smiling.