Happy Holidays from Newmind Group

Season’s greetings from Newmind Group! As the year winds to a close, we like to share some of the things that make Christmastime special for the Newmind family.

Start spinning the Newmind Holiday Playlist 2017 below (we each chose a song, just for you) and take a peek at what gets our jingle bells ringing!


Favorite Holiday Foods

“Our childhood neighbor’s homemade cinnamon rolls.” – Dean S

“Classic Canadian Butter Tarts” – Monte J

I would have to go with something sweet — cashew clusters or buckeyes (no idea if these are universally Christmas snacks, but they are for me!) – Carman G

Every Christmas morning my fam makes monkey bread! – Audrienne M

“Borsch – a traditional ukrainian staple at Christmas time! Love this soup.” – Dan P

“Baked French Toast or Vareniki” – Ryan R

“Special Christmas morning pancakes (actually called Blinnas in my family)” – Matt V


Home Alone Boobytrap of Choice

Iced Stairs

Amy Rizzo Nick Miko

BB Gun in the Mail Slot

Dean P. Simmer Ben Morris

Firecrackers in a Pan & “Merry Christmas, ya Filthy Animal”

Spicy Doorknob

Escape Zipline to the Treehouse Out Back


Paintcans on a Rope

Birdseed & a Flock of Pigeons

Heath Miller

Toolchest Down the Stairs

Glass Bulbs on the Floor


From all of us at Newmind Group, we wish you a happy holidays. Wherever the season brings you this year, we hope you stay safe, sane, and smiling.

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Garrett Wenger is a storyteller and marketer at Newmind Group, and a native to Kalamazoo, MI. He received his BFA in English Literature from Western Michigan University, and has heritage in Southwest Michigan’s creative writing community. He published his first book of poetry in late 2013, and he has been featured in numerous literary journals.