This month, Maliek’s six-week internship is drawing to a close (though we suspect Newmind hasn’t seen the last of him, yet). He was our first intern graduate from the Kalamazoo Technology Training Partnership, and he shared some parting thoughts about what he’s learned in his time on the Newmind team:

Looking back, what have you taken away from your time at Newmind?

The internship was a great experience. I feel way more comfortable now with the idea of moving ahead in technology jobs, and working in complicated environments. It won’t be as scary when I get to work in a new environment now, I’m confident I can figure out more complex things like what I’ve done at Newmind.


What are you the most proud of learning?

It’s hard to say because there are so many new things that I learned how to do here. How to configure a network, how to personalize devices, linking TVs over a network.

I also really liked working with hardware, building computers and getting to use my hands that way. That aspect made projects fun, and I’ve already been able to take a lot of what I’ve learned to help out my coworkers at my other job with Prevention Works.


Now that you’ve gotten to know us, how did you get along with the Newmind team?

It’s been amazing. You guys are fun to be around and you made it easy to get comfortable and learn. Making mistakes is OK, and when it happened I always had somebody to support me, somebody to ask for help. That was key.

The charisma and overall vibe at Newmind was something I felt right away. I felt accepted, you allowed me to express what I needed to say when necessary, and you never left me waiting for an answer. You made the internship an easy and comfortable experience.


Like we said, we think Maliek’s time at Newmind might not be over, but for the moment he’s moving back to his other employer, Prevention Works, where he works as a Program Facilitator. It’s been great having him on the team this year. 

You can learn more about the Kalamazoo Technology Training Partnership (KTTP) here, and if you’re interested in becoming involved with the program yourself, you can contact Sarah Klerk at Get to know Maliek better in his profile here.