IT security is ever-changing, and for small businesses that means giving up precious time to keep up with current threats and precautions.

When Newmind Group helps clients, we take a holistic approach to security, splitting up the biggest issues into 5 focus areas which make up a company’s security “surface area”, the spaces most vulnerable to threats and human error.


Outdated Software

Software updates not only provide smoother performance and new features, they commonly contain added security protections. While 58% of cyber attacks target small businesses, 84% of small business owners still feel they are not a target. That lack of awareness is alarming—even among responsible organizations, 60% of those surveyed claimed they were not fully effective at identifying what vulnerabilities need updates.


Some important questions to ask yourself or your team:

  • Do we have a patch managment system?
  • How do we track & execute software updates?


Password Management

Risky behaviors in password managment have not changed in over 3 years. In fact, 59% of SMBs have no visibility into employee password practices and data hygiene. Almost 60% all people to use the same password for multiple accounts. What happens when they get phished?


Some important questions to ask yourself or your team:

  • How many credentials do our team members maintain?
  • Do we know our team is creating strong and unique passwords?
43% of attacks target SMBs

Network Neglect

As your team grows the so does your footprint. The number of devices connecting and data flowing in-and-out of your business increases your risk. A network appropriate for your size and needs is essential to maintain productivity and security.


Some important questions to ask yourself or your team:

  • Is our network sufficient for all our needs today and in the near future?
  • Is our network protecting us from known threats?

Backup Failure

How long can your company survive without your company data? Many companies look at backup solutions as “set and forget” and forget to verify regularly. A robust BDR/Continuity plan will protect your company from disasters.


Some important questions to ask yourself or your team:

  • How long would it take to resume normal operations after a disaster?
  • What is our data backup success rate?
63% of SMBs were attacked this year

Breach Awareness

A majority of small- and mid-sized businesses are breached each year, yet a majority of business leaders don’t feel they are a target. The majority of cyberattacks are web-based and employ phishing/social engineering to compromise your people.


Some important questions to ask yourself or your team:

  • Is our staff able to identify basic phishing attempts and malicious threats?
  • Do we have a plan ready in case of infection?

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