You may have seen some recent news about a hack against a software company called Kaseya. This isn’t a provider that Newmind uses, but we wanted to give you our thoughts on this hack as it impacts the IT support industry and attacks like this are becoming more common.

Over the Fourth of July weekend, software service provider Kaseya was hit with what some are considering the largest ransomware attack in history. Kaseya isn’t the only victim of these attacks, though: they act as a utility for IT service providers who use Kaseya tools to manage their customers’ IT infrastructure—hundreds or even thousands of them—and it’s estimated that almost 40% of those customers were hacked as a part of the attack.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen a hack like this—the Solarwinds attack from December 2020 was a similar story, and that attack also left thousands of IT customers vulnerable to malware and spyware.Top IT security analysts are predicting that we will see more and more targeted attacks like this, not just against IT services providers but also utilities, financial institutions, government agencies, and others.

How does Newmind Group keep its clients safe?

Newmind Group doesn’t use Kaseya or Solarwinds but no tool, system, or environment is exempt from the possibility of a breach or hack. We spend a lot of time evaluating and re-evaluating the tools that we use to manage our own environment and the environments of our customers. Other than choosing to only work with vendors that deliver exceptional security and control measures, we are constantly evaluating new tools, processes, and procedures that help ensure that the environments that we manage, including our own, are as up-to-date and secure as possible.

In the coming months, we’ll be sharing more tips, best practices, and guidelines to help you and your organization stay safe from ransomware attacks. When a large provider like Kaseya gets hacked it can feel helpless, but there are plenty of things that we can all do to contribute to a culture of security.

If you’re a Newmind Group client, you can expect a conversation at your next VIP meeting to discuss deeper recommendations that will help you stay safe and proactive against the rising epidemic of ransomware.

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