If you know Newmind, you know we harp on about LastPass a lot, but this feature is something we believe would benefit every single client we work with: LastPass now lets you go completely passwordless for all of your logins. 

What LastPass already does (and why we swear by it)

  • Autosave and autofill every password you use
  • Backup and sync your account across different devices
  • Securely share passwords to trusted individuals
  • Authenticator app for secure, rapid multi-factor authentication

This month, they have made it so that your LastPass Authenticator app doesn’t just handle the multi-factor authentication step: it handles your entire login, without needing to remember a password at all. Maybe it sounds like we’re shilling out for LastPass—although we are an authorized vendor, we assure you that we wouldn’t be pushing this tool if we didn’t truly believe in it. 


Why use LastPass to begin with?

In a recent survey, LastPass found that a great majority of organizations require a password reset every three months. It stands to reason that removing passwords from the login equation means your employees aren’t wasting time resetting passwords, and more importantly they’re not left vulnerable with weak passwords that might already have been compromised. 

LastPass takes those trouble areas and secures them in a way that’s easily managed on an organization level, for a higher standard of convenience and security to your team.

Beyond their current passwordless authentication system, LastPass is working towards FIDO2 compliant components and supporting alternate authentication mechanisms, such as biometric face and fingerprint ID and the addition of hardware security keys, like YubiKey. For now though, their Authenticator is makes password security about as easy as it gets.

If you’re interested in a trial, please reach out!