Innovation Workshop™

The Innovation Workshop™ is a process we developed to help our clients choose innovative solutions to their business problems, and provide them a way to unlock their team's creative ideas.

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Learn a Process For Innovation

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Unlock Your Team’s Creativity

Client Stories

"The Innovation Workshop helped us choose and implement a new Point-of-Sale solution across our properties. The project has been regarded as one of the best projects we’ve ever done. We are planning to use the process again on future projects."

- Michael Cross
CIO | Greenleaf Hospitality Group

"Our team knew that we needed to make changes.  We didn’t know where to start and we were struggling to put a plan together.   Our Jumpstart Workshop was the catalyst for creating our plan and helping our team to be more collaborative and creative."

- Tanya Raab
President | United Kennel Club

Workshop Types

Jumpstart Workshop

Unleash the creativity of your staff with this catalytic process. Newmind’s Jumpstart Workshop team comes on site and works with your staff to uncover their great ideas to move your company forward. Jumpstart workshops are a great fit whenever you need to unlock innovative ideas in your organization but aren't sure where to start.

Solution Workshop

Have a big problem to solve? Newmind’s Solution Workshop will help your team identify pain points, opportunities, scope, options and help you determine the best way to move forward. The Solution Workshop is a great fit when you have a specific problem or project and you need an innovative plan that fits your organization's needs.

The Process


Identify a group of team members to be part of the process, and identify the goal that we'll be working towards.

  • Review Innovation Workshop process
  • Establish goal for the process.
  • Select / Invite workshop team of innovators and early adopters from organization or department.
  • Send pain point and opportunity questions to team members and collect before first discovery meeting.
  • Technical discovery interview with IT leader
  • Review organization culture, mission and values.


Gather information about pain points & potential solutions, to pinpoint your opportunity for growth & innovation.

  • Review Innovation Workshop process and goal.
  • Review pain points and opportunities submitted by team and organize them into a spreadsheet by major theme.
  • Prepare any optional discovery steps and delegate to team to execute.


Collect all pain points, solutions, and opportunities & engage with the workshop for a free market vote on an innovation strategy.

  • Use free market voting method to prioritize pain points and opportunities.
  • 5 votes per team member, place votes, discuss votes, change votes.


Provide deliverable, actionable solutions and recommendations based on how well they address pain points and opportunities.

  • This step can be completed without meetings if the team is comfortable with GDocs.
  • Draft a recommendation document for leadership that contains prioritized recommendations, reasoning and supporting info.
  • Newmind to add its recommendations alongside team recommendations in same doc.
  • Report Q&A session with leadership

Let’s innovate together

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Daniel Proczko has been working with organizations and individuals to build & grow the entrepreneur community of Kalamazoo, MI. From organizing TEDx events, hack-a-thons, and documentary screenings to engaging with business leaders, Dan strives to inspire individuals with new ideas and better thinking. Having always been interested in tech and understanding the value of innovation through IT, communicating the importance of strategic IT thinking is one of Dan's primary goals within Newmind Group.