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Wadman Corporation has been in business for over 60 years as a commercial general contractor headquartered in Ogden, Utah. Wadman brings a blend of experience, expertise and energy to its clients’ projects throughout eleven western states. Eighty-five percent of Wadman’s business is with repeat clients – local, regional and national. Over the past ten years, Wadman has completed over $1 Billion of construction projects — including shopping centers, grocery stores, hotels, resorts, schools, historic restorations, and city, county and federal government buildings.

Newmind Group is an IT managed service provider specializing in cloud computing solutions. Newmind has deployed Google Apps for over 700 organizations nationwide and internationally. Recently named to the Talkin’ Cloud 50 list of top cloud computing firms, Newmind’s certified deployment engineers, certified trainers and custom development teams work with businesses large and small to make their work more productive, profitable and fun using cloud solutions like Google Apps.

Wadman was looking for a system that could take over its email and scheduling functions, as well as manage its project planning workflow, document management and collaboration functions. The company had explored several industry-specific software solutions, but was concerned with the inflexibility and high cost of those systems. Wadman needed a system that would allow it to share and modify project documents wherever employees happened to be — whether in the office or on a construction site.

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Wadman chose to partner with Newmind to migrate user data to Google Apps from their legacy Microsoft Exchange server. Wadman also used Newmind’s construction team to deliver industry-specific training to their 100 employees. In the months following the project Wadman began utilizing Google Sites to provide property owners an online portal to track the progress of their projects, complete with schedule, photos and other information. Wadman also utilized Newmind’s expertise with Google Apps Script to automate several internal processes and systems.

Wadman Corporation has fundamentally changed the way it does business as a result of switching to Google Apps.

$60,000 savings in hardware & software
$60,000 in printing savings
$360,000 in savings over 5 years

The company has done away with printed project documents, choosing instead to collaborate via Google Docs and saving reams of paper in the process. Wadman estimates it has saved $60,000 in hardware, software and maintenance costs by switching to Google Apps. In addition, Google Sites enables Wadman to distribute project drawings electronically saving an additional $60,000 per year in printing costs for a total five-year savings of $360,000.

“With our Google Apps reseller, Newmind Group, assisting us, we use creativity and our unique philosophies to create a powerful informational ecosystem, giving us an edge in a very crowded market place,” said Brett Barson, Director of Human Resources.

Wadman employees have also gotten into the game, putting together a robust company intranet and job specific websites where they can share all kinds of information from company events to photos of projects in progress.