Data Backup & Business Continuity

Having secure and instantly accessible data is a business lifesaver, but it doesn’t mean that operations will instantly be back online, unless you have server & data continuity. Work with Newmind to find a mix of onsite vs offsite, product solution, and virtualization package that not only fits your budget, but also provides the protection you need to protect your data and business.

Onsite & Offsite Backup

Newmind Group will help with both onsite backup for quick fixes, but also off-site backup protecting data from disasters.

Legal Compliance

Finance and Healthcare industries are legally required to secure patient & financial data in case of disaster. We can help!

Virtualization & Continuity

In the event your onsite server fails, backup servers switch on as your primaries and business operations resume without missing a beat.

Start protecting your business

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What our clients are saying

"It’s a huge time and energy saver to have Newmind Group help out with things, that kind of expertise is invaluable."

"Managed support lets me focus on the critical aspects of my role—we’re more successful for it, and I find work more satisfying."

"Newmind will always explain what they’re doing and why, without treating me like I’m dumb. It means a lot."

"We don’t worry so much about the technology any longer knowing it’s in good hands. We are enjoying our partnership."

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