Network Hardware for Small & Mid-sized Businesses

With Newmind Group networking services you can maintain a strategic network infrastructure that is up-to-date and fits the size and needs of your business and concentrate on running your business.

Powerful Hardware

Newmind’s certified knowledgeable staff will help you acquire hardware powerful enough to support your current fleet of devices and servers.


Whether it be new employees, or more servers, Newmind’s network hardware will scale with your business keeping tech debt low.

Made for SMBs

Not all businesses are alike and finding the right routers, switches, and servers for your business is what Newmind does best.

Device Management

Newmind engineers can maintain active devices, setup new devices and even help keep a guest network to protect business data.

Usage Monitoring & Throttling

Keep bandwidth open for business critical activities and restrict or deny bandwidth for less important activities like YouTube and Facebook.

Proactive Reliability

We monitor network status & performance to proactively identify trouble spots & trends to keep high network reliability and availability.

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