About Newmind Group

Newmind Group is an award-winning IT Managed Service provider specializing in cloud computing solutions. Based in Kalamazoo, Michigan, Newmind Group began as a small, regional IT company in 2003. Since then, we have opened offices in Charleston, Minneapolis, and have grown in scope and size to become a national provider of cloud computing solutions for businesses of all sizes. Our specialty is moving legacy systems to more cost effective and reliable cloud based systems.


Newmind Group History

Meet the Newmind Group Team

Daniel Jefferies

Always looking for adventure. Founder @newmindgroup. Interests: mobile products for moms and families, travel, beer and making dreams come true.

Matt Vollmar

Matt is passionate about leadership, service excellence and financial nerdery. In his spare time, Matt helps herd three beautiful and very active children. His running hobby helps.

Ryan Russey

Ryan manages the IT Managed Services team at Newmind Group, and is also a Level 42 Boss Chief. He likes making music in his spare time.

Michael Jefferies

Michael helps his clients find and implement beneficial technologies. Traveling to incredible places is his favorite thing to do and talk about.

Heath Miller

Strong in the ways of Google-Fu and Backup. Amateur arcade repair and operator.

Ryan Hawkins

Deploying and supporting Chromebooks and Google Apps during the day, riding vintage mopeds at night.

Steve Chang

Managed Services Sergeant. Solving IT problems since 1995 and battling crime since 2003.

Luke Reynolds

Luke's days consist of helping people mend their fragile, unsound relationships with technology; His nights are filled with swashbuckling, ship sieges, and other adventures on the high seas.

Nicolas Yarosz

Nicolas is the resident procurement strategist, decreasing friction and increasing happiness between both our suppliers and our customers. As a new father, nothing brings him more joy than spending time with his family at the end of the day.

James Duke

Part of the sales team, James specializes in developing customer relationships. He enjoys drum kits and exploring.

Ben Morris

Ben's focus in the sales team is creating, maintaining and deepening relationships and loves reading classic literature to feel more intelligent.

Daniel Proczko

From organizing TEDx events, hack-a-thons, and documentary screenings, to engaging with business leaders, Dan strives to inspire individuals with new ideas and better thinking.

Jarad Selner

When not hustling Chromebooks, Jarad spends his time rescuing and caring for vintage Pontiac sedans.

Joshua Slye

Joshua works with Chromebooks, hails from NY, lives in the South and enjoys turning his guitar amplifier up to 11.

Tyler Triemstra

As an intern, Tyler enjoys learning from the rest of the Newmind team and loves to travel and meet new people.

Alissa St-Amour

As the Newmind Accountant and a former wrestler, Alissa has the skills to pay the bills and the faculties to control the faculty.

Lance Busdeker

Lance's mission over the past 14 years has been focused around helping guide educational institutions in the successful implementation of the latest technology. Lance also enjoys being a dad, the outdoors, and learning about other cultures through travel.

Dustin Adams-Fall

Dustin's quest in life is to find problems and fix them. As a managed service tech, massage therapist, and generally relentless rectifier; when you need help, Dustin is your guy.


Garrett Wenger

Garrett Wenger is a marketing intern, with an eye for human stories. He spends much of his spare time reading, writing, and rotating a growing list of tech devices.