Find out what happens when you have an IT managed services partner with tools that match your needs and a team that is driven by looking to the future. Want to know how we do it? Watch the video that matches your role within your organization.

Want a technology partner that keeps up with your team?

If your technology budget is spent more on ‘keeping the lights on’ than moving your organization forward, we should talk about IT managed services.

IT Director

Get the support you need to take care of your day-to-day tasks and drive innovation within your organization.

Business Manager

Fix your current tools and get your team on track to be more productive, profitable, and having fun!

IT Managed Services

Don’t waste time on time draining tasks. Let Newmind Group help you focus on value driving projects.

Mobility & Collaboration | IT Managed Services

Mobility & Collaboration

Cloud solutions for email, messaging, document sharing and more.

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Business Continuity | IT Managed Services

Business Continuity

Secure sensitive business data, applications, and systems, in the face of disaster.

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Network Management | IT Managed Services

Network Management

Strategic network infrastructure that is up-to-date and fits the size and needs of your business.

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Helpdesk & Support | IT Managed Services

Helpdesk & Support

Resolve customer issues in a timely and courteous manner without hogging IT resources.

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Success Stories

Newhall Klein solves a major server upgrade and finds longterm support

“In the end, our biggest need was to have a *group* like Newmind, who can come in and help with higher-level tasks like this. Like what Newhall Klein does for our clients: providing an entire company with a breadth of resources, rather than relying on a single person to do it all.”
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Montessori School finds new focus with a proactive IT solution

“The greatest advantage to moving to managed support (from my perspective) is that it allowed me more time to focus on the critical aspects of my role, like finances and human resource management. These are my core competencies. As a result, I believe Montessori is more successful and I find the work more satisfying. It's a win/win/win.”
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LKF Marketing finds comfortable and caring IT in Kalamazoo

“With Newmind, both of my engineers I’ve worked with will explain what they’re doing and why, without treating me like I’m dumb. It means lot.”
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Team-based decision making puts IT department a step ahead

“Being that fresh perspective in our business and not focusing on technology but on business—how can we make our business better—that’s really rewarding.”
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IT support at Samaritas is more efficient than ever, through a managed service desk partnership

"What stood out about Newmind Group was their willingness not to settle on a cookie-cutter solution. You researched solutions to fit the organization, and you discovered and implemented something great for our needs."
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North Lake Contracting gets a handle on data ownership

“I leaned on my Google Apps Account and it functioned better than all the other stuff and all it required was a web browser.”
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