Visualizing the workplace with 7Geese

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Make things better

In the previous blog 4 essentials to engage your team, I mentioned how one of Newmind’s Core Values is to ‘make things better.’ I wanted to find a way to increase the prevalence of vision, connectedness, progress and recognition within Newmind. How can they be visualized and cemented for everyone to see? We adopted 7Geese as the solution. Only having used it for two months now, we can already see great benefits in how it impacts the workplace.


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This platform consists of a few notable features that give everyone the ability to:

  • Set objectives
  • Track progress
  • Give recognition & feedback
  • Engage in 1 on 1s

So far, I’m really encouraged by how our team members are using it. It’s great to see people checking in to the site, set objectives and change their progress levels, as well as add comments about what they’re doing to accomplish their goals. It is also really motivating for everyone to have a way to give each other recognition, like pictured below.

Visualizing the workplace with 7Geese

7Geese has been a great tool for my in-person 1 on 1s and group meetings. After looking at a team member’s 7Geese profile, I’m better prepared to discuss and recognize what they’re doing and their progress toward goals.

Not only that, but the understandable and hierarchical way in which the objectives are set makes it easier to visualize progress, therefore increasing motivation to accomplish them. It’s definitely a two-way street, meaning it’s easier for the company to discuss personal goals and to help people achieve them.

Visualizing the workplace with 7Geese


This platform gives a framework for our employees to become happier in the work they do. I would definitely recommend 7Geese to others as a way in which to track and recognize progress toward goals, increase connectedness through encouragement as well as a way to unify the team under a common vision.

How do you and your team members track progress in the workplace?


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Featured image: Thanks for the photo @chefranden


Matt Vollmar has been working in IT for about 20 years, doing everything from website creation to enterprise storage performance consulting. Eventually, through some strategic arm twisting from his boss, Matt tried out team leadership and discovered that it is actually a core passion for him! Before coming to Newmind, Matt worked as an Account Delivery Manager at Hewlett-Packard from his basement. Now Matt enjoys leading in the creative and innovative environment at Newmind AND sees the sunshine more than once a week.