What We Do

Newmind Group specializes in strategic technology.

We’ve become the IT dept for smaller businesses, filled in gaps for IT depts at larger organizations, and helped businesses and schools across North America discover and implement new technologies.

We love our clients and our priority is to build long-term partnerships with all of them.

Fully Managed IT Support

We call it fully managed because that’s exactly what it is—all of your IT burdens and tech strategy are managed by Newmind's team of engineers and technicians, who work with you to reach your company's long-term technology goals.

Local & Remote Tech Support

Your team's issues are all resolved by our in-house team, via remote support tools, or an onsite visit.



Support Designed for You

Your support is designed around your needs and your environment, whether it be on Mac, PC, or beyond.



Proactive Solutions

Using custom management tools, we find potential issues and resolve them before they happen.



Budgeting for IT Needs & Growth

With your guidance, our team will identify what your company needs today, and what you need to reach your goals.



Dedicated Partnership

Your engineer acts as a part of your team, and will be your personal partner for projects and high-level support.



Project Management

Forge a path towards innovative and effective projects to benefit your team and your customers.



Your Newmind Group Partnership

See what your partnership will look like, from first meeting to steady state.

Your partnership begins by getting a handle on your environment. Together, we identify pain points, assess your environment, and inventory your technology, and set up tools for easier management and security. Over your first month with us, all of your team's day-to-day support burden is shifted to our helpdesk team.

You and your company leaders are joined by your Newmind engineer, so you can share your long term goals, and together we identify new ones based on your technology assessment. A path forward will become clear, and you'll shape a project timeline for your engineer, who will help you reach those goals.

You experience a simpler environment and a fresh workflow, and your pain points are alleviated by projects we complete together. All the while, your team is staying focused and productive with their support from our helpdesk technicians.

Your engineer syncs up with you monthly to evaluate progress on projects and review helpdesk performance, to ensure you stay on track to the strategy we've created together. You also have a window into other helpdesk metrics and insights to inform your needs in areas you might not have noticed.

You round out each year by meeting with Newmind Group leadership to review project completion, and your satisfaction as a partner. Then, you get a comprehensive look at how your overall strategy has matured, and discover new goals to continue your progress towards the best environment for your team.

Need a lighter touch?

Newmind also provides hourly support and one-off IT projects.

A Partner Who Fits Your Needs

Whether you’ve got no IT department, or your IT team just needs to fill in gaps and discover new opportunities, we can help you start moving forward.

Watch the video that matches your role within your organization, and see how we would help.

IT Director

Get the support you need to take care of your day-to-day tasks and drive innovation within your organization.

Business Manager

Fix your current tools and get your team on track to be more productive, profitable, and having fun!

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