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1) Ditch the PC, grab the cloud

CEO Matt Vollmar takes a step back to give his perspective on cloud computing, and the rapidly changing landscape of technology in the workplace.

“With developments like cloud-computing elevating our technology engagement every day, a simple value comes to the surface: IT shouldn’t be about technology, it should be about the people behind the technology. The move toward cloud computing won’t just help our networks run more efficiently, it will align IT strategy with corporate strategy and directly impact organizational goals.”

2) Meet Newmind: Joshua Slye

In October’s Meet Newmind post, we speak to Joshua Slye on the sales team: Newmind Group’s resident coffee master, Tolkien fan, and newest father.

“Joshua is going on four years of marriage now, and he and his wife recently introduced a new daughter to their family, who is a little over 3 months old. When asked about his personal life, Josh gave me a pretty clean outline: “I love my family and friends, and I love my beard and coffee and craft beer. I’m comfortable in city or country and love to travel and make new adventures. I love hiking off the trail and seeing what I can find.”

3) Windows XP Hack: A Newmind Yay or Nay

Luke Reynolds, one of our senior tech team members, gives his thoughts and advices regarding an unauthorized hack, intending to prolong the now-discontinued Windows XP security support.

“Windows XP sure knows how to stay in the headlines! It all started when Microsoft officially ended support for this old operating system in April. Shortly after that, there was all that buzz around the Internet Explorer vulnerability, which, despite their claims to no longer support it, Microsoft actually provided a patch for Windows XP users anyway.”

4) Reflecting on my Newmind Internship

Newmind Internship
In this post, Newmind’s recent Storyteller intern Meghan Muffett gives us a retrospective on her time spent with the company and writing for the Newmind blog.

“During my 3 months here, I truly felt like a valued member of the team – so much that it surprised me at first. “Oh, you want my opinion?” And not just to be nice, but really once I was adopted on, I was expected to bring what I had to the table – my input, knowledge, perspective, and experience. Just like anyone else.”

5) Asus Chromebook C200: A Review

Tyler Triemstra gives his rundown of the c200 Chromebook: Asus’ first foray into the Chromebooks market.

“Most would claim that there hasn’t been much new in the Chromebook arena, and while that may be true in terms of design and connectivity, much has been afoot under the hoods of the latest crop of Chromebooks. As many makers have begun to use different processors such as Samsung’s Exynos series, or Intel’s Core series; Asus also chose a new processor, the Intel Celeron N2830, or Bay Trail.“


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