For this week’s holiday best of the web, we’re looking at a few links passed through the office that are destined to show up under the tree, or just tie-in with the season.

Google’s Santa Tracker is live!

An essential for Santa fans, young and old, Google’s “Santa Tracker” is live, and has been getting new updates and features every day! And if you missed tracking the big man’s flight on the night of the 24th, the tracker resets the countdown right away, so come the 26th, you’ll have 364 days of planning ahead of you for next year.

Canadian designer beats Nike to the punch, making self-lacing sneakers a reality

Dan P passed this article around recently, plugging Canadian designer Frederick Labbe’s new project: self-lacing sneakers, a la Back to the Future 2. We’re all about advancing technology, but for shoes like this to hit the market in time for 2015 (the date Doc and Marty traveled to in the film), alongside actual hoverboards?! This is heavy, doc!

This game will remind you why the ‘80s were awesome

To hold the theme of 80s movies that touch on science fiction, Ryan R passed along this post from the Verge, garnering attention for a new indie game called Crossing Souls, which takes classic-style graphics and gameplay and riffs on themes from 80s adventure films of yore. Taking notes from E.T., Flight of the Navigator, and Stand by Me, and a soundtrack to match, this game is a direct ticket back to Christmas morning 1986.

Dell Launches $20 Chromebox Keyboard in the US

For what you get, Chromebooks are already pretty affordable devices, but at an even lower cost, you can take the screen, keyboard, and mouse out of the equation and buy a Chromebox! Now, Dell has made a specialized Chrome OS keyboard, and it’s available to consumers for just $20! It even includes a number pad—something Chromebook users can’t tout for their own devices.

Hebocon: Robot Contest for Dummies

James shared this out recently—a competition between robots that are either remarkably dumb, subversively genius, or somewhere in between. Whether or not we’re watching the future at play here, the video is worth watching for a good laugh. Needless to say, they’ve got nothing on Newmind’s friends at Strykeforce robotics team!

Happy holidays from Newmind Group!
Do you have any memorable news, articles, or other links that you think Newmind followers would be interested in?