Have you been keeping up with our new content? Check out this roundup of our popular posts of the week, or our previous weeks’ Best of posts.

1) Meet Newmind: Ben Morris

Ben Morris was last month’s feature in the Meet Newmind blog series. Take a walk through the head of Newmind Group’s funniest employee of 2014

“Ben Morris is not just a Newminder. Not just another employee. Ben Morris is an enigma—funniest Newminder, to be exact (it’s in the books, trust me). One of Newmind Group’s figurative “rockstars,” according to these nifty personality evaluations that we all took. Not to mention one of our resident NBA Jam champions. We know the mystery behind Ben, but what makes the man?”

2) Tablets with Google Play for EDU: An Overview for Teachers

It doesn’t take Sherlock Holmes to see the impact that tablets have made on the education world in the past 5 years. Google Play for EDU marks a new milestone in that realm, and in this post Lance Busdeker gives a very thorough rundown of features available.

“Teachers must be really familiar with the anatomy of the human palm with students raising their hands all day, every day. Questions are wonderful, of course, and sometimes you do just need face-to-face interaction for an explanation. However, some of the answers they need can be found right within the very resources of these tablets. Encourage them to utilize these tools to the best of their ability!”

3) Newmind Group named to the INC 500

Even after months, Newmind’s Inc 500 announcement and reflection from our founder, Dan Jefferies, remains one of our most popular pieces on the blog.

“Every year Newminders and their families gather for our summer party. This year was different. Matt and Dan, our CEO and marketing lead, had been keeping a secret from the rest of the company. They shared the secret with us and there were quite a few excited Newminders on the beach that day. I’m proud to share this secret with you: Newmind Group has been named to Inc. magazine’s list of 500 fastest-growing private companies in the United States.”

4) Meet Newmind: Joshua Slye

In October’s Meet Newmind post, we speak to Joshua Slye on the sales team: Newmind Group’s resident coffee master, Tolkien fan, and newest father.

“Joshua is going on four years of marriage now, and he and his wife recently introduced a new daughter to their family, who is a little over 3 months old. When asked about his personal life, Josh gave me a pretty clean outline: “I love my family and friends, and I love my beard and coffee and craft beer. I’m comfortable in city or country and love to travel and make new adventures. I love hiking off the trail and seeing what I can find.”

5) Could BYOD be the 1:1 edtech solution? Montgomery County, Maryland thinks so

In this post, Ryan Hawkins talks about what BYOD could mean for schools, and looks at several recent stories of districts trying to break the norm in order to reach the coveted 1:1.

“The web has become an even more dynamic place in the last decade, with sites like Youtube and Wikipedia becoming gray zones for “appropriate” content. Moreover, mobile data connections on personal devices are still a blind spot for school IT staff. It seems that a new rubric for student web exposure is due in the coming years.”

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