Every week, the tech-minded and culture-focused team at Newmind shares many interesting articles internally. Every so often, we like to share that value with you. Let the faves begin!

39 Best Chrome Extensions of 2014

We’re nearly done with the year-end list season, but we didn’t want to miss sharing this one—Addictive Tips put together their list of the 39 best Chrome extensions of 2014. It’s a little sparse on the descriptive side, but there are definitely some must-haves on the list, like Music Bubbles and Screencastify.

Pushbullet is a fantastic app every phone should have

Pushbullet, on the other hand, has been around for a little while—and a lot of Newminders already love it. It’s basically a fast, simplified way to send files, links, and other content between your Android phone and Chrome browser. A handy Dropbox or Drive user can handle these kinds of tasks, but Pushbullet takes it to a new level of speed. This article notes the big strides Pushbullet has taken this year, like mirroring your phone notifications to your desktop browser. Thanks, Ben, for the share!

Gigapixels of Andromeda

We’ve got a lot of astronomy geeks in the office, and while many of us will happily indulge in such nerdery as Star Wars X-Wing and Star Citizen, once in a while we’ll pass around a video of our ACTUAL universe, and just drool for a while. This video walks through a new, MASSIVE 4.6 gigabyte image shared by NASA and Hubble recently, of the absolutely humbling Andromeda galaxy. Have you felt like an ant yet today? Because you will after watching this:

80% Of All Online Adults Now Own A Smartphone, Less Than 10% Use Wearables

Dan P shared out this article of awesome statistics on smartphone use, with some pretty crazy numbers that you don’t think about every day—like the one named in the title. We were also pretty floored by how far Android has come over iOS in dominating the mobile market… Nothing wrong with a little friendly rivalry, right?

Spotlight search in OS X Yosemite exposes private user details to spammers

Heath caught this news before it slipped through the cracks, detailing a security flaw in Apple Mail found earlier this month. Though we usually recommend using Gmail over other email clients, we know plenty of users still working with Apple Mail, and wanted to make sure this issue, concerning the Spotlight search, got some extra airtime.

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