Every week, the tech-minded and culture-focused team at Newmind shares many interesting articles internally. Every so often, we like to share that value with you. Let the faves begin!

How Your Expectations Mess with Your View of the Present

Heath shared this article with us, which looks at how our personal experiences are affected, both positively and negatively, by perception. It opened a great conversation in the office about how we deal with this phenomenon. “I enjoy the feeling of using this same phenomenon to change my perceptions to more desirable ones. For example, I like expecting something difficult to be challenging and fun, and successfully perceiving it that way. “ —James

Datto is featured in the March 2015 Forbes magazine!

We were pumped to hear that our partners at Datto were featured in this awesome article by Forbes. We already advocate their strategy for business continuity, and now we’ve got to envy their “Times Square-style LED wall for Super Nintendo tournaments.” Our gaming/coffee bar has some catching up to do… Congratulations, guys!

19 Year Old Who Built a $350 Robotic Arm Teaches You How to Build It Free

This awesome article (including videos) goes over the steps that Colorado teen Easton LaChappelle took to assemble a functional robotic arm using fairly basic tools and a 3D printer! Maybe one day we’ll see someone like this come out of Kalamazoo’s Team StrykeForce

Securly Announces Active Directory Single Sign-On

It might not sound like much, but Securly’s new AD single sign-on is going to streamline a lot of schools using a mixed environment of Active Directory and Google Apps for Education. Using “simple server side script,” users on GAfE devices and other computers (PC & Mac) alike will only have to sign in once for AD authentication.

Old Military Planes Repurposed to Drop 900,000 Tree Bombs a Day

Dan P shared this link recently and it received a resounding “whoa, awesome” from the team. Could we have stumbled on the recipe for intriguing Newminders? Take 1 part awesome retired aviation technology, and 2 parts reclaiming deforested wilderness, and you’ll get at least a few fist pumps in the office.

Do you have any memorable news, articles, or other links that you think Newmind followers would be interested in?