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1) Wipe that disk! One Newminder is seeking an everyman’s solution to device end-of-life

Did you know that only 32 US states require businesses to wipe personal data before cycling out old devices? Online identity theft is a well-known issue today, but disposing of technology can present the same threat, if not worse. Read about how Hans Erickson is taking on data disposal.

2) Newmind’s Dan Jefferies talks “innovation” at DESIGNEDtoLEAD conference November 14th

“I think we can all be innovators to a greater or lesser extent, it’s just about having an idea and trying to make it a reality. It doesn’t have to be a new idea to the world, it can just be new to your target group.”

The founder and Chief Happiness Officer of Newmind Group has participated in a number of conferences and panels at WMU, and in November he gave students a talk on practical innovation. Get a snapshot of his session in this article.

3) Meet Newmind: Steve Chang

Get to know Steve Chang: husband, father, and a true workhorse of the Newmind Group team!

“Another thing Steve values is helping out the community by making it a safer place to live for those he cares about. This explains why he started volunteering in 2003 as a Sergeant of Training for the Kalamazoo County Sheriff’s Office Reserve Division. Basically, he assists the Sheriff with any needs that might come up within the County.”

4) Google Apps Runtime for Chrome brings Android apps to ChromeOS

In September 2014, Google introduced a channel for bringing Android apps to Chrome devices, and since then the project has ballooned to include several dozen of them, including Duolingo, Pixlr, and Vine. This announcement opens up exciting new possibilities for cross-platform capabilities and expansion, allowing developers to create two apps, while only developing one.

5) Top 4 reasons you should be using Google Hangouts

Phone, videoconference, chat messaging… Everyone has their own preferred communication tool—and Hangouts can do all 3 for free, and with integrated features like Calendar sync, we’re surprised more people aren’t using it. All you need is a Google account!

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