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1) 9 tips to improving culture from 2015 Positive Business Project finalists

Wouldn’t you prefer to work in a place you love? Culture can truly make or break your team, and the Positive Business Project looks for outstanding culture practices every year in their conference. Check out 9 culture tips from the 2015 finalists!

2) Top 3 Quick Fixes for a Slow Chromebook

For most troubled Chromebooks, the last resort for troubleshooting is known as the powerwash—or as they refer to it outside of Google as a factory reset. Not all ChromeOS issues call for a complete powerwash though—so we assembled a couple other quick fixes for slow Chromebooks!

3) Go on a Google Expedition in this month’s Chrome updates

In the Chrome updates for June 2015, take a look at Google’s “Quick Search” tool coming to Chrome on Android—research highlighted words without leaving the tab you’re in—as well as the new “Expeditions” project for Google Play for Education, taking students on virtual field trips using Google Cardboard.

4) The secret to a smooth helpdesk experience

“Have you tried turning it off and back on again?” Keep “The IT Crowd” separate from your real IT experience—check out advice from a real helpdesk guy, on how to get the most out of your next call to your organization’s helpdesk provider.

5) Windows 10: To upgrade or not to upgrade

Some of you may be getting offers soon for a free upgrade to the new Windows 10―tantalizing! See why some users will have fun experimenting with the new OS, but most should stay away until the end of 2015, or longer.

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