So you’ve decided that a managed services provider could be the right fit for you—whether that’s cost savings on security, time savings for your internal team, or just peace of mind for your IT department.

In a 2014 SBRI survey, 43% of companies reported that their IT services were being outsourced overseas. While there’s certainly a case for outsourcing IT (especially for SMBs), there are some distinct advantages to a more local partnership. As a Michigan organization, we wanted to highlight some benefits to working with providers in “the mitten!”

The Local Advantage

LSSM, one of Newmind Group’s biggest clients, said that part of their decision to partner with us was that our close proximity to them. As a Michigan-centric organization, keeping their talent local aligned with their interest in supporting the state. There are also the obvious benefits like the lack of language barriers and working in the same time zone. Even the chance for your provider to make “house calls” can reduce stress in critical situations:

”Having that lead technician be local is a huge benefit. When we’ve had major issues, I know that he’ll be here within minutes. His presence here during an IT issue puts me and all the rest of the staff at ease.” —Sarah Morgan, LKF Marketing

Partner with an industry that’s leading Michigan’s economy

Did you know that in 2014, over half of Michigan’s Inc 500 winners came from the IT industry? Those providers have generated $36.8 million in revenue in the past year! IT isn’t alone in employment growth in Michigan, but you can help be a part of it by choosing to work with a Michigan provider! Champion our local talent and support a booming sector of the state economy!

Easier to align culture

Although working with a provider out of state may offer a broad scale of knowledge and experience, there’s a certain value in working with a provider that knows your culture and your technology intimately—as opposed to a helpdesk representative who’s never encountered your organization before.

“Our systems and internal structure are complicated and messy—I like that once Newmind came in and got to know stuff, that I can trust that they know us and our idiosyncrasies without me having to explain it every time to a new helpdesk person.” —Sarah Morgan, LKF Marketing
Understanding the culture and mission of your organization, an MSP won’t just be there to put out fires—they’ll be able to offer insight, strategy, and preventative measures to fit the organization.