2021 was a big year of growth for Newmind, and those changes—our new building, expanding into a new suite next door, and our growing technical team—culminated this year in a major transition for two of Newmind’s oldest team members. 

Luke Reynolds, formerly the head engineer of our technical team, is stepping into an executive level position as Newmind Group’s Chief Operating Officer

Ryan Russey, longtime VP of Newmind (and Level 42 Boss Chief), is stepping away from his duties as head of operations, and will now be forging relationships with new clients as Newmind’s Chief Growth Officer.

Luke Reynolds and Ryan Russey

From Intern to Chief Operating Officer. From COO to Head of Sales

Luke Reynolds started his Newmind journey back in January 2013, as a simple intern during our early days reselling Google Apps and Chromebooks. In those days, Newmind Group was still boxed away in a small first floor suite in the Main Street East building, on E. Michigan Ave. 

Luke took over as the head engineer in 2018 as we were winding up to move into our new building on Rose Street. As COO, Luke will be leading 8 engineers and 5 technicians as they deliver strategy and support to our clients. 

Ryan Russey, one of the original Newminders, started back in 2008 as an engineer, when he and Dan Jefferies were delivering IT support to a handful of customers from a single studio in the Park Trades Center, and later on from Dan’s own house. 

Besides overseeing  operations, Ryan has always been the last word on sales, when Newmind is evaluating new clients. Now, he’ll be bringing his expertise to the rest of Newmind’s sales process with our growth team, Ben Morris and Garrett Wenger. 


What are they looking forward to most in the new roles?

Luke Reynolds: Ryan’s unique blend of up-for-anything work ethic balanced by methodical caution taught me a lot when I started here. I’m really looking forward to that process of teaching, and helping others be their most awesome selves.

Ryan Russey: It’s a new challenge. I get to help grow the company in a different way than I had been before. …just keep it a secret that I’m not a sales person.

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