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Resolve to make 2018 a year without hacking, phishing, or security fails!

Over 30 days you’ll take part in easy bite-sized steps giving you new skills that will keep your data safe. By the end of the challenge, you’ll have have mastered techniques like password security, remotely locking your phone, and fine-tuning your browser security. And, it will only take a few minutes each day.

Signing up will enroll you in 18 lessons that will leave you feeling like a security super-spy:

Beginner Skills

  • Welcome to Her Majesty’s Security Challenge
  • (Golden)Eye for Organization
  • OctoPassword
  • Antivirus Never Dies
  • Don’t (Sky)Fall for Spyware

Intermediate Skills

  • You Only Authenticate Twice
  • Quantom of Mobile Security
  • A View to Wipe (Your Phone Remotely)
  • A License to Encrypt
  • The Browser is Not Enough

Preventative Skills

  • The Spy Who Phished Me
  • Updates are Forever
  • Never Say “Hacked” Again (With A Disaster Plan in Place)

By spending 10-20 minutes with each lesson, you’ll have a security plan fit to prepare you for today’s threats. Join us and start your training on January 18th!