Newmind Remote Monitoring & Management Tools

These are a set of security and device management tools curated by our team, to provide a baseline of protection and stability in your tech environment.

What is Remote Monitoring & Management?

These tools are installed on your workstations, and feed into customizable dashboards that track the health of your devices. 

These tools are billed at $15 per device per month, and work best in tandem with a managed service agreement, so the Newmind engineering team can access your dashboards to provide monthly reports and strategic advice. 

This toolset is designed to bring you:



Visibility into environmental well-being as well as individual device health.


Granular control over the updates that reach company devices.


Ease of Use

Easy access to Newmind Group helpdesk support.

Peace of Mind

Vetted set of security tools fit to protect against 95% of threats against your devices.



  • Webroot Realtime Malware Shield
  • Webroot Browser Protection
  • Webroot Email Protection
  • Webroot Firewall Protection

Device Management

  • Remote Access / Controls
  • Cloud-Managed Security Dashboard 
  • Windows and Mac OS and 3rd party software update/patch management

Environment Management

  • Device Hardware & OS Monitoring
  • Hardware and software inventory reporting

Get Started

Once you reach out, setting up a service agreement is simple and free: We’ll share our no-commitment contract, details of how we work, and our current hourly rate.

Once you’ve signed, you can give us a call whenever you need help, and we’ll be ready. 

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