IT Support for Non-Profits

IT support with Newmind Group is designed to help you meet all of your organization’s goals, while working in the limits of a non-profit budget and spending schedule. Newmind Group can help you make the most of your technology, so you can focus on what you do best.

How We Can Help

Keep Costs Down

Navigate non-profit technology with an insider and leverage cost reduction programs available to organizations like yours.



Strengthen Your Team

Create a richer, more stable technology experience for your employees, clients, and donors.



Secure Your Technology

Bring a baseline of security and stability to your team, no matter the shape of your environment. 

What You Get

Expert Advice

We care about your success, and we love helping organizations eliminate unnecessary spending. We’ve got your back and will save you money wherever we can.

Predictable Spending

Improve and maintain your organizations technology while adhering to funding-oriented timelines.

Flexible Strategy

Whether your team is in-office or remote, we can find flexible ways to maximize what you get from your IT.

Newmind Knows Non-Profits

Since 2003, we have worked in collaboration with over 30 non-profit organizations of all different sizes across the state of Michigan, and several of them have been partnered with Newmind Group for over 10 years. Our breadth of clients is very diverse and we don’t specialize in any one sector or industry, and that has given us a wide range of experience and proficiency which benefits our entire client family.

Dawn was very friendly and accessible. She took time to explain some of the things I didn’t understand and was very thorough. I am highly satisfied with the care I received from her with my new computer set up.

Newmind staff promptly finds good solutions to problems I bring them, and also sometimes volunteers solutions to problems I didn’t know could be eliminated.

I am a new hire and Dawn has been a wonderful support as I on-board. Thank you!

Newmind Group coordinated a full-office move for our team and it couldn’t have gone smoother. They set up the network in advance, and had the new space ready for us as soon as we transitioned over. It was also refreshing having a hands-on engineer who could be on-site for us so often.

As always, Cary continues to find ways to serve us in a tough market where computer hardware is difficult to find and or secure. I am very pleased with how Cary has helped our separate companies address our needs as we continue to grow as an organization. Thanks!

Newmind was quick and helpful when we needed to complete projects under grant deadlines. We were worried about acquiring new devices, with all the chip shortages and supply chain problems, but Cary sourced everything we needed and completed the project with a few days to spare.

Thanks so much for your patience and persistence as we worked through this. The moving pieces are a lot to manage and it’s not always easy for us to know (or communicate what we think we know) what is not working, nor why.

Thank you to Carman for resolving the problem quickly so I can meet the EOM deadline.

Your Partnership at a Glance

See what our relationship will look like, from first meeting to steady-state.

Your partnership begins by getting a handle on your environment. Together, we identify pain points, assess your environment, and inventory your technology, and set up tools for easier management and security. Over your first month with us, all of your team's day-to-day support burden is shifted to our helpdesk team.

You and your company leaders are joined by your Newmind engineer, so you can share your long term goals, and together we identify new ones based on your technology assessment. A path forward will become clear, and you'll shape a project timeline for your engineer, who will help you reach those goals.

You experience a simpler environment and a fresh workflow, and your pain points are alleviated by projects we complete together. All the while, your team is staying focused and productive with their support from our helpdesk technicians.

Your engineer syncs up with you monthly to evaluate progress on projects and review helpdesk performance, to ensure you stay on track to the strategy we've created together. You also have a window into other helpdesk metrics and insights to inform your needs in areas you might not have noticed.

You round out each year by meeting with Newmind Group leadership to review project completion, and your satisfaction as a partner. Then, you get a comprehensive look at how your overall strategy has matured, and discover new goals to continue your progress towards the best environment for your team.

Looking for Something Else?

Newmind also provides hourly support and one-off IT projects.

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